How To Do Affiliate Marketing In The Philippines

How To Do Affiliate Marketing In The Philippines

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you guy’s on how to do affiliate marketing here in the Philippines.

In fact, affiliate marketing is one of my primary sources of income with this mini-blog that I have right here.

Just spend some minutes on this blog post, and I’ll make sure that all your questions about the topic will be answered.

And yes! I will walk you through on how you can get started and provide you all the necessary details and guide on how you can do it too.

Without any further do, let’s dive right into it.

Doing Affiliate Marketing In The Philippines

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money using the power of the internet here in the Philippines. It simply means “promoting other people’s products or services and earn a certain percentage of commission every successful sale you refer to them”.

You become a middle man of someone’s products or services and get paid by promoting it.

It’s not necessary or that it’s should be on the internet, because there are actually lots of ways and forms on how to become a middle man of someone else’s products or services.

But nowadays as the internet industry massively grows, affiliate marketing or working as an affiliate marketer is becoming more effective and profitable if you do it with the help of the internet.

And by the way, before creating any confusion.

This guide right here is for marketers, so if you’re someone who has a products or services and trying to figure out how you can find affiliate marketers to promote it, this is not a guide for you.

It’s going to be a different story and in case that’s what you came here for, just -[ Click Here ]- to access the guide from the other person that I know that might help you.

Why Start Affiliate Marketing Business?

If you’re someone who’s trying to do entrepreneurship but you don’t have any idea of creating your own product or services, then affiliate marketing is for you.

Or you don’t like managing your own inventories, handling product returns, managing a massive number of employees and all other stressful jobs to do, then affiliate marketing is the best option for you.

One thing that I loved the most about doing affiliate marketing is that you no longer have to create your own product and figure out if it would work or not.

You’ll just have to find out what’s already selling and working, and just then create a system on how you can effectively promote the offer and make lots of money.

If those lines above sound interesting to you, then let’s go ahead and learn the process of how to become an affiliate marketer here in the Philippines.

affiliate programs in the philippines

Here’s How To Start Affiliate Marketing
In The Philippines For Beginners

These are the simple steps that I have followed on how I get started affiliate marketing here in the Philippines.

I’m going to explain it as simple as I can, but in case you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments box at the bottom of this page and let’s have a conversation.

There’s a lot of affiliate marketing guide out there that gives you a lot of information that usually ends up you getting confused, especially for beginners.

What I’m going to do here is to just sum them up into three steps, because based on my personal experienced, you will learn all other advanced stuff when you already into it, or when you start doing it.

Step 1: Choosing A Profitable Niche Market

Okay, so the first step is choosing a niche. A niche simply means a specific target market where you can build an audience around it and throw them affiliate products.

If you want a long term business where you can put all your best in doing it, you should always consider the things that you are passionate about.

Let’s just say, you love dogs so much, or to be specific, Siberian husky dogs. Then it’ll be easier for you to create content about it because you love the topic.

Like starting maybe a blog about it, starting a Facebook/Instagram page, or YouTube channel where you can build an audience or a potential market.

It’s important that you choose an specific niche so that you can master and eventually dominate that specific market and you might even end up creating your own brand and have a business not just promoting affiliate products.

Step 2: Finding Affiliate Products Or Services To Promote

After choosing your niche, (which in our example above we are going to target the market who loves “Siberian husky dog”), the next step is to find affiliate programs to promote.

It can be products like “dog food” or “dog training” and other potential products we can promote to our chosen target market.

Now that you know what affiliate products you can promote to your niche, the next step is to join affiliate programs where that particular product is available for you to promote.

I have a list of top affiliate programs here in the Philippines where you can sign up and find products to promote, just scroll down to find it.

Let’s just say you noticed that “dog food” is available on Lazada, then go ahead and sign up on Lazada’s affiliate program.

The system and tools you need will be provided for you to be able to promote affiliate products, and it varies on which affiliate product marketplace you are going to sign up.

No worries, you will learn all this stuff soon. The next thing that you should not forget to learn is the marketing side, or how are you going to promote affiliate products.

Step 3. Learn How To Promote Affiliate Products

Marketing is where the real deal happens. It doesn’t matter how great and amazing is the product is, what matters the most is how you can have it shown in front of your potential buyers.

Now with affiliate marketing, let’s talk about how you can promote affiliate products especially here in the Philippines. Because if you can’t drive sales, that means no commissions.

I will only share with you the ways that I personally do, and that I consider the best options.

1. Promote Affiliate Products Through Blogging

It takes a lot of effort and skills if you want to start a blog, but ones learned it, It’s guaranteed that even if you will be thrown to any part of the world, as long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can make money.

Promote Affiliate Products Through Blogging

Everything can be learned, all it takes is the willingness and reason behind why you need to learn it.

Blogging is one of the best ways to promote affiliate products, but it requires some advanced skills like managing your own website, writing your own content, search engine optimization, etc.

But, if you have money that you’re willing to spend to get started, you can outsource all those skills above or hire someone to do it on your behalf.

But yeah, how blogging works, why did I consider it as the best way to promote affiliate products.

I will make a scenario, again based on our example above, the niche is about “Siberian husky dog”.

Someone search on Google about “best dog food for Siberian husky puppy” and then you have an article about it on your blog, you did your best and you optimized it, so, that particular person who is searching on Google landed on your article where your affiliate link is placed.

That person click the link, buy the product and boom! you make money.

The good thing about it, once you’re article is there and ranking on search engines, then you will be starting making money passively, and it can be for a lifetime.

I actually have a guide on how to create a blog, just –[ Click Here ]– to watch the videos.

Also, you can also do social media marketing like running Facebook Ads and Google Ads and have your traffic land on your articles.

2. Through YouTube Videos

Another best option to promote affiliate products and services is through creating YouTube videos or running your own YouTube channel.

It kinda works the same with blogging, it’s just that this one doesn’t require skills like the skills you need to have in running a blog.

There’s a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to create and run a YouTube channel, so just search for it if you don’t know about it yet.

And with affiliate marketing, you can create content or videos like product reviews and have your affiliate links on the video description.

Provide value and guide to the buyers, and drive them to the product page using your affiliate links. Let’s just say affiliate products from Lazada.

3. Through Social Media Pages

You can also promote affiliate products on social media, like on Facebook if you have Facebook pages, or Instagram pages or even on Facebook groups.

And if you’re expert enough and know how to run social media advertisements, then it’s going to be an advantage for you.

I’m just making a summary of the options here, it would take me thousands of words if I’m going to explain everything about it.

So if you wish to learn everything in each of the options above, just search on the internet.

So the next part is going to be the affiliate programs that are open for us Filipino marketers.

Here Are The Top Affiliate Programs In The Philippines 2020

I personally promote affiliate products from the affiliate network that I have listed below. And the number 1, “Involve Asia” is the affiliate network that I love the most.

Always remember, that it doesn’t matter or it’s not a requirement that you should sign up into lots of different affiliate networks and programs. What matters the most is how you are going to promote it.

To sign up for an affiliate product marketplace, make sure that you already know what particular product or services you are going to promote.

Just read each of the network details below, so that you’ll know which one you are going pick and sign up for.

affiliate programs Philippines

1. Involve Asia

If you’re just getting started, then I would really suggest that you join Involve Asia. I personally love this network and I have lots of promotions from them.

The best thing about Involve Asia is that they already have all other top companies that have an affiliate program on their marketplace.

If your affiliate application gets approved by them, you can easily access tons of affiliate programs. Like Lazada affiliate program, Shopee affiliate program, Airbnb, Uber, and other top companies that has an affiliate program and open for us Filipino marketers.

But before signing up, there’s a requirement that they need for you to get approved.

They only approved application that has an existing audience. You need to have at least a Facebook page, a YouTube channel or a blog. Because they wanna make sure, that you can promote affiliate products from them.

–[ Click Here ]– To Open Up Their Sign Up Page, And Make Sure To Give All Required Details, Like Your Personal Information, etc.

2. Clickbank

If you want to promote digital products, like online courses and digital books, then this is the network where you are going to sign up.

They don’t have any requirements, and you can join them anytime. And they have thousands of affiliate programs on their marketplace.

The best thing about Clickbank is that you can earn dollars with them, and there’s a lot of free training on how to do Clickbank on YouTube.

clickbank affiliate

The skills that you should really master is the marketing side, you can do email marketing, or run social advertisement and make lots of money with Clickbank.

Just –[ Click Here ]– to open their website, and also I have a training that I know and I would suggest for you, watch it through –[ Clicking Here ]–

3. Commission Junction

Another huge marketplace with thousands of different affiliate programs you can promote.

If you want to promote programs like web hosting, travel affiliate programs then this is where you are going to sign up.

You can access their website through –[ Clicking Here ]— and just read all other details about them that you might need.

4. Shopee Affiliate Program

I assumed that everybody knows already about Shopee, and I no longer need to explain what products they have that you can potentially promote, right.?

They have tons of different tangible products, and you can promote any of them if you get approved on their affiliate program.

I personally promote affiliate products from Shopee and I have a detailed guide on how you can join the Shopee affiliate program here in the Philippines. Just [ Click Here ] to open it up.

5. Lazada Affiliate Program

Lazada is pretty much the same with Shopee, they are rivals on the market. But for some people, they might love Lazada more than Shopee so I decided to have them both on this list.

–[ Click Here ]– if you want to join the Lazada affiliate program, it’s a guide where I have provided all information you need to know about the program.

I think that’s all I have for you guys today, and if you still need to know more or you got questions, then just leave it in the comment box below.

If you wish to have a conversation with me, follow me on Instagram [ @yhonglacson ] and let’s see if we can work on something together.

Yhong Lacson

I'm from Butuan City, and I have been helping business owners for the last two years (local and international) to set up their business websites, eCommerce stores, and other related services. If you have questions, just head over to my contact page and let's talk about your project 💥

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    Thank you for the information sir. Just got some information about affiliate marketing in facebook and it touches my interest. For this moment Im looking for a reliable person who can help me do this affiliate marketing thing.

    1. Yhong Lacson

      I know someone on YouTube that teaches affiliate marketing, search for: John Cristani

  2. Sheila

    Hi Good morning. I have a question. Do we need a US bank account if we do Affiliate marketing with CB? I am following all John’s videos and I really want to try this. Thank you

    1. Yhong Lacson

      No, you can actually use your usual bank account. I’m using my East West bank account to receive my CB payouts.

  3. Jane Domin-eng

    Thank you for the ideas.. It’s a lot! I hope I can be an affiliate soonest3.

    1. Bhoyet

      Yo ma men
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      Kailangan ko makapag generate sales within the period of 180 day’s
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      Sinubukan ko na mag post ng mga products sa Facebook
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      1. Yhong Lacson

        Yo thanks for leaving a comment, happy to have you here…
        well for me, the best way to promote affiliate products is through blogging, search engine optimization. Or if kaya sa gain mong mag run ads with that affiliate products pwede rin, kasi with SEO it takes time.

        kung nag a amazon associates ka tapus pa post2 lang sa Facebook groups di effective yun, kasi dapat US din target market mo

    1. Julius

      Hello Sir, nag join Napo ako ng affiliate sa clickbank at digistore but still now I don’t have sales siguro dahil di ako nakapag focus per ngayon kailangan kuna po magka sales dahil na kasama ako sa furlough NG company namin I just wanted to ask for some help Kung anu Yung mga in na product para e promote?at paano mag pa rami NG website visitor?.I hope your respond.thanks a lot.

      1. Yhong Lacson

        Hello, Julius 🙂 Search Engine Optimization if you want free traffic to your website, or run ka ng advertisements, like Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

  4. Arthur Aromin

    Thank you for this information. I just have a question. Is it also worth it to join an international affiliate like the Amazon Associates program and run affiliate marketing from the Philippines? Thank you!

    1. Yhong Lacson

      Yes, it’s actually a lot better if you can promote Amazon products. We’re from Philippines, and you know the advantage of earning dollars and spending it to pesos.

      But it requires you some important skills, like SEO, targeting international countries.

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    Hi sir,
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  6. Isabel

    Hi thank you for sharing this. I have a question earlier today while I was watching a video of a youtuber she mentioned that her friend earn from affliate marketing just by views clicking the link. Is that true?

    1. Yhong Lacson

      yeah, it is possible, that might be a CPA offers (Cost Per Action). It’s kinda related to how affiliate marketing works, the only difference is that your referrals don’t really need to buy something, you’ll get paid even through just their actions like signing up on forms, etc. Maxbounty is one of the websites that I know with lots of CPA offers.

  7. Bert

    Nice Content! Just want to ask whats better option under payment settings on involve asia, paypal or rewire? I can’t change the currency to peso as well hehe.

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    I am doing Affiliate Marketing but i dont have website. where to post promotional link from CB

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    Hi sir, thank you for this article. I just want to ask, do you still recommend to apply for shopee and lazada affiliate programs if you already have an account at involve asia where both shopee and lazada are there? Tthank you.

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    Hi sir, thank you for sharing lots of information about affiliate marketing. But i have a question with regards to applying to involveasia for instance. What if we do not have any social media (such as fb page, ig page, and etc.) with lots of followers or audience? We only have our own personal accounts.. Can we still apply for those programs?

    1. Yhong Lacson

      ahh yeah I think so, but they need to know how are you going to drive potential buyers to their affiliate offers. But yeah you can try.

  15. Kyle

    Thankyou for your information sir. I’d just sign up in ClickBank. Ask ko lg po sir. What can I do if I have a customer who wants to buy the product but they do not have any bank account to use? Your reply will be appreciated sir

    1. Yhong Lacson

      I think most people nowadays do own cards that can be used in purchasing goods online, kahit nga sa GCASH or PayMaya may mga digital master/visa cards sila na pwede magamit pambili online. Or if you’re referring western markets, kasama na sa kultura nila na lage may credit cards. Ang e worry mo nalang is e master mo yung skills to acquire customers.

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