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My name is Yhong Lacson. I’m a Shopify partner, and I’ve been helping eCommerce entrepreneurs for the last two years, from setting up their online store and creating marketing channels like Facebook and TikTok.

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms where you can easily host your online store. It is the easiest way to manage online orders and accept online payments. Also, it has all the necessary and important marketing tools that are surely helpful in doing your eCommerce business. In fact, 11% of eCommerce websites in the whole world are using Shopify. It is a great choice as a fully hosted eCommerce platform.

However, setting up a Shopify store is time-consuming and might cause headaches especially if it is your first time developing a website. But if you’re interested in going through the whole process of learning how to do it – setting up your own Shopify store, I have a detailed tutorial about it. Just click here to watch the video.

If you’re a businessman who doesn’t have the time to thoroughly learn the process of making your own Shopify website because there are more things on the priority list, then that’s what I’m here for.

Here's What I Can Do...

Store Development

I can do a complete setup for your Shopify store. From building custom extensions for your specific needs, and implementing responsive designs for optimal user web experience.

Marketing Campaigns

I can help you with your social media marketing campaigns. Setting up sales channels for your Shopify store, like Facebook and TikTok. From installing pixels to running your advertisements.

Graphic Designs

Having great images on your website is one of the factors that will make your customers decide and buy. I can also help you edit any type of picture, like your product pictures, or for your advertisements.


  • Your Shopify Store design ✔️

    A complete setup for your Shopify store, your store designs, installing all the necessary apps, or any custom extensions for your specific needs.

  • Setting Up Payment System ✔️

    I will set up a payment system for your Shopify store to easily accept and process payments online or set up cash on the delivery system for your Shopify store.


    Marketing is where the real deal happens. I will set up all the necessary marketing channels like Facebook and Tiktok to easily manage and run your marketing campaigns.

  • 5 Optimized Product Listing ✔️

    I will help you optimize up to 5 products in your store, search engine optimized, and edit product pictures. If needed, I can also help you submit your website to Google for indexing.

  • 5 Days STORE SUPPORT ✔️

    I will be providing 5 days of support after handing out your new Shopify store. You can ask me to revise your store, add specific store features, or do anything that you might need help with.

  • UI and ux responsive design ✔️

    Web user experience is one of the biggest factors that will affect your customer's decisions to buy. I will optimize your website loading speed and mobile responsive design.

  • Free Logo For Your store ✔️

    If you don't have any logo for your Shopify store yet, I can also create a FREE logo for your store. You can have it, and use it on any of your social media profiles.


    I will configure all important settings inside your Shopify store. Important settings like Shipping rates, how you receive payments, and other settings that need to be configured.


    I will set up all important pages for your Shopify store, like privacy policy, contact page, etc. Please note that I will be just using a premade template from Shopify.


    If needed, I can also provide you with a detailed tutorial through a zoom meeting and you can ask me about anything inside your Shopify store admin.


You Might Have The Same Questions As What Have Asked Below.

First, you need to signup for Shopify 14 days trial. Make sure to [ click here ] to signup so that I can easily request access to your store.

After you signup, send your Shopify store link (example: to this email: Then just wait until you received that email from Shopify saying that I’m requesting access to your store.

You can also send me a DM on Facebook messenger after you signup. Please note that I will be asking a 50% of the payment as your downpayment. Full payment will be asked the same day I will turn over your Shopify store when you’re satisfied with everything.

Dial this number +639059225849 for more details.

Usually within a week. Just let me know if you want it to be prioritized, I also have other 2 people on my team that can help us expedite the process.

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