Shopee Affiliate Social Partner Program Detailed Guide

Shopee Affiliate Social Partner Program Detailed Guide

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to earn passive income online. In fact, the majority of my income sources are from affiliate programs that I’m promoting which is, one of which is the Shopee affiliate program.

I have been promoting Shopee’s affiliate products for almost 6 months now, and I was able to earn more than thousands of dollars from them.

What I’m going to do is just share with you the process of how to join Shopee’s affiliate program, also the strategies that I’m using how I promote affiliate products.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy of a particular company or person who owns a product or service that will allow marketers to promote their offers. In return, they will share a percentage of the price of the product to the marketer as commissions for every successful sale generates through the marketer’s unique affiliate link.

In layman’s terms, we’ll just have to promote someone else’s products and earn a commission for every successful sale. You no longer have to create your own product and test it in the market, you’ll just have to see what’s already working and just learn how to promote it.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses you can start at any time. You no longer have to worry about figuring out what product to sell, handling customer service, product returns, inventory, and many other things that will surely cause you headaches.

What you need to just do is master how to promote affiliate products or become an expert in marketing, and once that happened, you can then start joining big affiliate networks like Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, Impact Radius, Amazon Affiliate Program, and other big affiliate networks that will earn you huge commissions.

But since you’re here to know how to join Shopee’s affiliate program, let me go ahead and share with you how…

shopee affiliate

Here’s How To Join Shopee’s Affiliate Program

There are two ways how you can join Shopee’s affiliate program. I will share both options and give you all the details you need to know about each way and let you decide which one should you pick.

1. Join Shopee’s Social Partner Through Involve Asia

The first way how to join Shopee’s affiliate program is through a website called Involve Asia. I would suggest you choose this option if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, and I will explain later why.

Involve Asia is an affiliate marketplace based in Malaysia, it’s where product owners (like Shopee) and affiliate marketers (us) meet. It’s a website where you can find hundreds of affiliate programs you can promote, and one of those is the Shopee affiliate program.

Now like I mentioned, if you just getting started with affiliate marketing, I would suggest you choose Involve Asia as your way of joining Shopee’s affiliate program.

Why? Because if you’re just a newbie, you need to do some experiments or trials and it would be better if you’re going to do it with multiple programs, which is joining multiple affiliate programs at the same time is available inside Involve Asia.

There are three different steps that you have to go through if you want to join Shopee’s affiliate program through Involve Asia.

First: Signup For An Affiliate Account With Involve Asia

The first step is you have to sign up for an affiliate or Publisher account on Involve Asia. Like many other affiliate platforms, Involve Asia will also require you to have a valid potential source of customers where you can promote their affiliate products, like a Facebook page, a YouTube Channel, an Instagram page, or a blog/website.

Now! Here’s a video that will walk you through the whole process of how to sign up for a publisher account with Involve Asia. Just [ click here ] to open the signup form before watching the video.

-[ Click Here ]- to sign up for an affiliate account with Involve Asia, just follow the instructions in the video above.

After you signup for a publisher account with Involve Asia, you have to wait until you received that email saying you’re being accepted by them, Involve Asia. I guess that would take at least 3 business days if I’m not mistaken.

Once your Involve Asia publisher account is approved, the next step is to sign up for Shopee’s affiliate program inside Involve Asia advertisers directory. Please don’t also forget to update your account information, like the payment section on how are you going to receive your payout.

Second: Signup Shopee’s Affiliate Program Inside Inlove Asia

Now this time, your application will be submitted straight to Shopee’s affiliate program managers, and please note you cannot do this second step if your Involve Asia’s publishers account is not approved yet.

It will be easier this time, and what you just need to do is log in to your Involve Asia publisher account, and from your dashboard go to the Advertisers Directory shown in the picture below.

affiliate shopee

After you click the tab that says advertisers directory, you will be routed to a page where a bunch of other affiliate programs is listed. Use the search tab and search for “Shopee” to easily find the Shopee affiliate program details.

You will be able to see all the details that you need to know about the program, like how much is going to be the commission payout, affiliate terms and conditions, and most importantly that sign-up button.

Just then click the signup button and go through the signup process, just like what you did on the first step. It will be easier this time, they just need to know if you’re qualified to join the program.

Just like the first step, you have to wait again until your Shopee’s affiliate account signup is approved. Once that happened, all you have to do now is generate your affiliate link and start promoting any products listed on Shopee’s website.

Here are the steps on how to generate your Shopee’s affiliate, given that your Shopee’s affiliate account inside IA is already approved.

  1. Go to Shopee’s website and search for the product you wanted to promote
  2. Copy the link of the product, make sure you’re copying the right link
  3. Open the Shopee’s affiliate page insde Involve Asia’s website
  4. Click the button that says “Generate Link” and paste the link you copied
  5. Click “Generate Link” and it will show you your affiliate link after
  6. Start promoting your affiliate products, and start making money

Please don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comment section at the bottom of this page. I’m really trying to make everything clear here, but I’m just a human that will make mistakes.

If You Intend To Buy Media To Promote This Offer, Please State Your Media Source URL Or Your Media Buy Website URL

This question is simply asking about the platform you’re going to use if you’re planning to run advertisements to promote IA’s offers. Media buying means the purchase of advertising from a media company like Facebook or TikTok, so simply put the URL if you’re thinking of running Facebook ads in the future. Don’t worry, this is actually not a big deal.

2. Shopee’s Affiliate Program Self-Hosted Platform

The second way to join Shopee’s affiliate program is by applying to their self-hosted platform on Shopee’s website. I will share with you everything that I know about the process and the advantages and known downsides.

shopee affiliate program

With Involve Asia, (the first option to apply) you will be doing transactions with Involve Asia’s affiliate managers (a third-party team). But joining straight to Shopee’s affiliate self-hosted platform, you will be doing business with Shopee’s team directly.

Now the only downside is that they have strict requirements for their affiliates like you really have to have a blog/website or a massive following on your social media pages like your YouTube channel.

If you want to try applying straight to Shopee’s hosted affiliate platform, just click here and you will be routed to the signup page. You can also simply click the picture above, and it should do the same thing.

-[ click here ]- to sign up on Shopee’s self-hosted affiliate platform hosted on their website. Just follow the whole process and provide the required information.

Promoting affiliate products is where the real deal happens, it’s not enough to just get approved by affiliate programs that you have applied, so let’s talk about how to promote affiliate products.

Here’s How To Promote Shopee’s Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is a sales-based business, so if you can’t generate a sale, then you cannot get commissions, learning or mastering the skills of promoting affiliate products is where the real deal happens.

There are a lot of ways how to promote affiliate offers, it will just depends on what skills you have. It might be that it’s okay with you to record yourself in front of a camera, talk about a product (like a review), and refer your viewers to the product using your affiliate link, which is going to be one of the ways to promote affiliate products (through YouTube videos).

Maybe you have a Facebook page, Instagram, or Tiktok, you can also use your influence on these platforms to promote whatever products that are suitable for your followers.

Another way to promote affiliate products is through media buying, like running Facebook advertisements, or PPC ads. Whatever I have mentioned here, there are a lot of free video tutorials on YouTube you can watch and learn.

Here’s My Favorite Way To Promote Affiliate Products…

My favorite way to promote affiliate products and offers is through blogging. Yeah! It would need some investment to start, but definitely worth it once you have built it up.

Let me give an example! This article right here that you’re reading right now has some affiliate links, which means I’ll be making some commissions if you’re going to click or sign up using the links I have distributed throughout this article.

And guess what, I might be sleeping right now, or maybe playing my favorite mobile games, and you’re here reading, seeing some ads, which means… Yeah! You’re right, I’m making money. I hope you get it!

Now, if you don’t have a blog yet, check out Bluehost and start your own WordPress blog (just like what I got here). You can easily set up a blog with Bluehost as easily as cooking fried eggs. And if you need some help, just shot me an email through click here.

[ Click Here ]– to check out Bluehost offers and hosting plans for WordPress blogs. Don’t sweat, creating a blog is easy, you really just have to know the process and how.

I guess that’s all I can have for you just today! Let me know in the comments section below if you have questions. Good luck and stay safe!

Yhong Lacson
Yhong Lacson

I'm a digital nomad from the Philippines. I run a small agency where I offer website development (Shopify & WordPress) services. I also do forex trading on the side, so you might see me sharing content about forex trading and such.


Hello po. I generated my first shopee link today and immediately tried ordering thru that link. saan po ba makikita ang earnings? thanks po.


Does the website/blog have to have a lot of traffic na po before it gets approved by shopee affiliate program? Or can a startup website apply?


May binigay po sa akin na seller affiliate link. iba po ba yun? ang sabi ay SHARE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK daw po, e ang gusto ko ung mkapromote ako ng products ng iba po.


I really love your blog. Pleasant colors & theme.

Did you make this website yourself? Please reply back as
I’m attempting to create my very own website and would love to learn where you got this from or exactly what
the theme is named. Appreciate it!

Wanna ask lng
How long ba ung cookie ng shoppee?

I asked sa hotline parang di sure ding ung kausap ko. Wanna confirm sana if 24 hrs, 7 days or 30 days



Hi po Sir! Pwede po ba epromote ang isang shopee store? Thank you po!


I,want to join on this programme,and earn money through this com. like Shopee but I don’t ve a laptop/computer bcz of I’m a poor boy,so now I whould like to know is can I join or work in this com. by using Android phone?


Yes,you can use a smartphone to do this.


makakagenerate din ba ng income if ang ipropromote ko isa shopee homepage and no exact product kung anong bibilin nila?

Hello! Yes, Sir. Just make sure na na convert mo muna ang link.


Hi! Pano po ba mag generate ng link sa shopee?i mean s shopee ako direct affiliated. Pag ng copy link kc ako ang haba ng link. Unlike sa mga nakikita kong ibang affiliated

grace ruiz

i want to be an affiliate


If you intend to buy media to promote this Offer, please state your media source URL or your media buy website URL.- May I know what to respond to this? I am trying to apply for shopee

Hello. Prince! This question is simply asking about the platform you’re going to use if you’re planning to run advertisements to promote IA’s offers. Media buy means the purchase of advertising from a media company like Facebook or TikTok, so simply put URL if you’re thinking of running Facebook ads in the future. Don’t worry, this is actually not a big deal.


how to withdraw commission as shopee affiliate? does it automatically go to your shopeepay or bank account?

Yes, sir. Mapupunta sa wallet mo inside Shopee.


Sir thanks for this blog.. My concern is the same. I already have available comm since last year pa. Pero di pa rin napasok sa ShopeePay ko. Do I need to request for it? Like dun sa billing? Yung upload invoice? Unregistered ako. Where to get that invoice?

Allyssa Jane Enriquez

How long does it take for shopee team to do the validation process of the commission monthly? In my billing page, it is stated that “Shopee will finish validation process on Day 20 of each month.” but then 3 days have past after Day 20 of the month I still don’t have my net commission.

Hi! I have a question please. I started sharing links on my Facebook timeline and I’m sure my friends clicked them kasi nag memessage sila wth screenshots pa. But when I checked on my dashboard, 0 pa rin yung number of clicks. Am I doing the right thing po ba? I’m confused na.

Hello po. Sa anong platform po ba kayo? Sa Involve Asia po ba?


Should you intend to buy media to promote this offer, kindly state your media source URL or your media buy website URL.

ano ang sagot dito?


“Should you intend to buy media to promote this offer, kindly state your media source URL or your media buy website URL.” What is the meaning of this po? I’m not sure sa isasagot ko. Thank you!


Hello Yhong! pwede ba nga sa tiktok ko mag promote sa links maski FB page lang ang approved sa akoang property?

Hello po! Yes po, pwede. As long as my approved property na kayo.


hello po.. ano po bang ibig sabihin nito ” If you intend to buy media to promote this Offer, please state your media source URL or your media buy website URL.” salamat po sa iyong sagot

Media buying is taking a commercial, or social media advertisement, or other sales message and getting it viewed by the intended audience. Halimbawa po magpapa ads kayo sa Facebook, Google, Taboola or any website na pwede magpa advertise. So pag gusto nyo mag ads sa Facebook, lagay nyo po

Should you intend to buy media to promote this offer, kindly state your media source URL or your media buy website URL. Ano po sagot dito? Thanks


Great content!
I do have a blog but its free, will they approve it in your opinion. Thank you.

Yes, Po! As long as my web traffic po kayo na potential maging buyers.

if si buyer nagclick ng link ko, pero ibang item binili nya at hindi yung pinopromote ko, magkakacommission pa din ba ko? pasok naman sa 7 days cookie period. Shopee involve asia


I asked a similar question on one of your other posts.
You write above in the Through Social Media Pages/Groups section: “This could be the easiest way to promote Shopee’s affiliate products, through social media pages and groups. ”

Can I post Shopee affiliate links directly in a personal feed? Create and post on a page I will create?
or, does the link from FB have to go to an off-fb personal page, and then link to the affiliate?

In the Shopee Advertiser page on Promotion Material -> Not Available, it reads:
This method is NOT allowed.Promotion via direct linking to advertiser site is strictly not permitted for this program.*The landing page of an Ad campaign belongs to a Publisher which is pointing directly to an Advertiser’s website or app instead of the Publisher’s website or app.


Hi yhong how long does shopee get back to you after applying?

It should be within just the next 24 hours if I’m not mistaken.

Hello how can i raise the invoice on the billing dashboard to get my commission? Thank you.


Have you figured out how to receive your generated commissions? I started last year. Up to now I don’t know how to receive the commissions


May chances po ba na di ka na aapprove sa shopee after you apply?

YEs, po. Pwede pong mag reapply.


Hi!I just sign up for affiliate program last night and naapprove lang din sya tonight. Wala pang 48hours na approve na ng managers. Sa FB page ko, I have 4 followers at sa blog site ko wala pang nagbababasa. Maging consistent lang siguro na merong content ang facebook page at nilink ko lang ang mga post ko sa mga blogs ko dun. Sana nakatulong 🙂


Hello sir newbie here po.. ask ko lang po ano ilalagay sa box ng property URL pwd po ba youtube URL ko?


How to answer this pls.
Should you intend to buy media to promote this offer, kindly state your media source URL or your media buy website URL.
Thanks a lot!


Yes, same Question here. Please Sir


Same question here. I’m stuck on this part.


I tried facebook ads ( Now my application has been submitted. I’ll wait and see if I get approved.


If gagawa kayo ng ads kunwari through facebook. mag-paid ads ka.. lagay mo yung link ng facebook mo. example:

Yes, po. You can also modify your affiliate link using tools like, para for additional tracking na rin.

Arby Abarquez

Hi, thank you for this blog. This is so detailed. I’m not equipped with the knowledge in blogging and affiliate marketing process. Hope you could guide me as I’m starting to create one. Thank you so much.

Monaliza Patulilic

Your comment here… Hi sir, from Butuan city pud ko sir. Ask Lang nako if dili ba counted if akong account sa shopee app Ang gamiton pag buy sa products using my generated links?

counted man ata ma’am, pero mababa! ang commission keysa new customer..

Kai Farofaldino

Hi, does shopee will really approved your application to them as affiliate for 3 days?

Princess Bautista

Thank you so much sir. I’m a newbie in here and I really need some help as of now on how to get started with it. Hope you can help me.


Thank you Sir Yhong for the information you shared. I also want to try involve asia. Before applying, do you have idea how many likes or followers the FB Page should have so that it will not be rejected? Thanks in advance for answering my question. God Bless.


Hi ask ko lang po balit walang conversions na lumalabas sa shopee ko puro clicks lang.May mga bumili naman po thru my links but still no conversions po.

double-check your links, or maybe wala lang talagang bumile..

Hi! po good evening, paano ba ma corect yong URL ko dahil broken? Saan ako magsisimola ulit?


Hi.. can I ask? does it need to have an active followers on facebook page to register? Or was it okay to create first with no followers yet or product uploaded to register on involve asia?TIA


Do you have idea on how to apply affiliate marketing for Shopee Singapore? Since now is not doing it right now for them

it’s going to be the same process..


Is there any numbers of subscribers in YT to be accepted in Involve Asia?


kasi nilagay kopo sa involve asia is per click.meron nakong 103 clicks kaso walang conversion.Paano po kaya un? thanks

Vin Cacho

Great content thank you. What is “premium inventory” in the application of shopee affiliate?

Great tips! Very detailed and helpful for noobs like me. Hopefully they’ll approve my application. Hehe. Thank you 😊

Ruel Andreew Oli

Hi Involve asia has rejected my property. what to do

Make sure to explain how are you going to send potential buyers to their offers, you should at least Facebook page or YouTube Channel.

Bakit wala po sa akin, 0 lang siya? May mali po ba? 93 clicks na po ang shopee ko.

baka wala palang talagang conversion, kasi sa experienced ko nag aapear siya ka agad pag may conversion.

Does the conversion, reflect immediately sa dashboard or would it take days po?

makikita mo agad conversion mo, pero malalagay siya as pending collection, or pending for review.


Sir pwede mag ask , i m newbie i want to know po , mag fill up po kc ako ng form sa involve asia for affiliate program

1. Anu po ang ilalagay sa box na “PROPERTY URL” pwede po bang Facebook URL?

2. Name of Property? Facebook po ba ang ilalagay

3. Channel? Loyalty po ba pwede na kung promotion

4. What is your Property about?

Anyway, maganda po itong vlog nyo informative po salamat


hi! I’m really interested to become an affiliate marketer but I’m not equipped in knowledge on how to start with it. I have watched your video in youtube and visit your website, I guess it will do help me. I really wanted to sign up now and do other qualifications. would you mind if i will ask you whenever i met questions/confusions during the setting up of my acct… ?? Thanks…

I’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions, just leave it below.

how long that involve asia will approve the sign up.

I think it’s about three business days.


Hi. Great content po. My question is, kelangan po ba na marami na subscribers yung you tube channel para matanggap sa affiliate program?


same question po

Can i use 1 email to use my affiliate link to get in the shop app whats my customers order?

Sandy Pearl

Very helpful for someone who would like to start in doing affiliate marketing bznz! Thabk you for sharing this content😊👍


Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

I am a retiree, 65 yo male. I am keen on starting a homebase affiliate for Shoper and Lazada but have liitle knowledge about it. I don’t own a Youtube, Facebook, or Blogger page; using FB and YT for socializing. How do I start?


contact me on fb, I can help you, search and message me fb: Popol at kupa

San banda kayo tutulong? hehehe

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