PayMaya Invite Code 2021

PayMaya Invite Code 2021

If you’re looking for a PayMaya invite code for you to get the free 100 pesos as a signup bonus, you’re in the right place to get it. I will be sharing with you guys my PayMaya invite code that you can simply copy and paste so that we will both get free 100 pesos.

Just scroll the down a little bit and you’ll see a button that you can simply tap and copy the code right away and paste on your PayMaya account.

PayMaya Invite Code

Just click the copy button below👇👇


Please note that you should at least make one valid transaction using your PayMaya account for you to get your P100.00 Sign Up Bonus. You can use your account to buy a load, send money, or pay for something to get cashback.

What is PayMaya?

PayMaya is a mobile prepaid money and payments app in the Philippines that will enable you to easily get a prepaid virtual card that you can use to purchase something online. You no longer have to sign up for a bank account for you to have a card.

Because with PayMaya you’ll just have to submit a valid and get verified, fund your account, and your good. It’s also one of the best ways to pay our bills and avoid lining up at payment centers.

PayMaya also offers shopping rewards, lots of stores nationwide are now accepting payment through PayMaya. You can just easily open your PayMaya app, and then scan to pay and received some shopping credits that will be credited back to your account.

PayMaya Referral Program

PayMaya is a new generation platform that is just about to capture a massive market. So, part of their marketing campaign is they offer referral programs to each qualified user. Qualified user in the sense that you need to get verified by submitting valid ID on one of their selection for you to get access to its referral program.

After you verify your PayMaya account, the app will automatically enable the option where you can find your referral code, and you can then qualify to refer any potential new user and get paid 100 pesos as a referral bonus. Both of you with your new referral will earn 100 pesos.

PayMaya Referal Program Update

Read This: You need to have at least one transaction with your PayMaya Account to get the rewards, like add at least some amount to your account. It could be through any channel, like seven eleven, etc.

What Is PayMaya Invite Code?

PayMaya invite code is a code that the platform will automatically make available on your account dashboard. It means that you are good to go and eligible to refer new users and get paid 50 pesos each of them as your referral bonus.

Invite code will be available after you fully verify your account. And please make sure that when you refer someone, don’t forget to instruct them to first fill out the invite code first before verifying the account so that both of you will be eligible for a 50 pesos bonus.

Below is my referral code, if you haven’t got any code for your account yet, just copy that code and both of us will get a 100 pesos bonus from PayMaya.


Where To Find PayMaya Referral Code?

You can find your PayMaya referral code on your account dashboard. But you’re not going to see it if you haven’t verified your account yet, so make sure that your account is verified.

If you’re looking for a referral code because you want to receive free 50 pesos after verifying your account, then just use my referral code above and both of us will get 50 pesos bonus from PayMaya.

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