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PayMaya Invite Code 2023: DW35EQXOR08K

PayMaya Invite Code 2023: DW35EQXOR08K

The Maya invite code for 2023 is “DW35EQXOR08K”. Use the code and make sure to upgrade or verify your account to get a ₱100 sign-up bonus as a new user of the Maya app.

Just click the COPY THE CODE button below to easily copy the code and paste it into your account.


Please Note: You need to upgrade (verify) your account and complete your first transaction to earn your ₱100 rewards. Cash in and do your first transaction like buying a mobile credit. This is their condition as of this month June. Let me know in the comments if you still have questions.

I noticed that lots of people are searching for a PayMaya referral code, and that’s how I created this blog post to share my Maya invite code. We will both get benefits if you’re going to use my PayMaya invite code “DW35EQXOR08K”, PayMaya will give you a voucher worth ₱100 as your signup bonus and I’ll receive the same amount as well.

What is Maya? AKA PayMaya

Maya is a mobile app that allows users to make payments and transfer money to other users. It is a digital payment platform that aims to provide a convenient and secure way for users to manage their financial transactions. The app may offer features such as the ability to link bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards for making payments, as well as the option to pay bills, send money to friends and family, and track spending.

PayMaya recently renamed its brand to a new name, making it easier to remember with just two syllables “Maya“. Maya is the new name of PayMaya and with their new update, you can now use Maya to buy cryptocurrencies, save money, and they even offer Maya credit for up to ₱15,000 pesos.

I personally prefer using Maya over its rival GCash. PayMaya has a great user interface on their app and they have features and services that are currently not available on GCash. Although they have main services and features, Maya is actually generous compared to GCash in terms of rebates and bonuses. Just like what this blog post primarily talks about, use a PayMaya invite code to get a free ₱100 voucher.

Maya Referral Program

PayMaya is a new-generation money platform and is still in the process of capturing a massive market in the Philippines. It’s a child company of Smart Communications launched last 2007, and part of its marketing initiative is its referral program where they give bonuses or incentives to its existing users for inviting new users to use its platform.

Every PayMaya app user is qualified to join the program, you just have to make sure that you have a verified or upgraded account. Once your account is verified, your PayMaya referral code will be automatically available inside your Maya dashboard. You can then share it with your friends and earn bonuses if they signup and use your Maya referral code.

Their referral program incentive amount is not always the same, sometimes they just have it for ₱50 pesos and sometimes ₱100 pesos. If you’re going to refer a friend, you have to inform him/her that they need to get their account verified and make at least one transaction for them to get their sign-up bonus.

What Is Maya Invite Code?

Maya invite code or PayMaya referral code – is a unique combination of letters and numbers from PayMaya that you can share with new users and earn bonuses through the form of PayMaya vouchers. PayMaya code will be automatically available once your account is already verified or upgraded.

Your bonuses for referring new users to PayMaya will be rewarded to you in the form of vouchers, you just have to access your vouchers tab to redeem your vouchers, and the voucher amount will be added to your Maya balance once it is claimed.

How To Invite In Maya?

The easiest way to invite new users to use the PayMaya app and earn rewards is by creating content about PayMaya. You can create content just like what I have here. Content that teaches people what PayMaya is all about and how it can help them. If you don’t have a blog like what I have here, then you can create videos and upload them to YouTube or TikTok.

You can also just ask your friends if they already tried using PayMaya, if not then go ahead and teach them how PayMaya can help them and let them sign up using your PayMaya invite code.

I cannot remember how much is the exact amount that I was able to earn from referring new users to PayMaya. But I’m certain that it’s already a huge amount because of this blog post and a video from my YouTube channel. Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in learning about how to create a blog.

Here’s my video about the PayMaya invite code that also generates hundreds of PayMaya new user invites.

I think that’s all I have for you guys today! If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

If you already have a PayMaya invite code on your account, you can try to leave that in the comment section below. Try to formulate a comment that would convince the visitor on this page to use your invite code. I might even have that featured above, it depends on how you’re going to say it in the comment box below.

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I just got my P100! Use this referral code to get P100:

Thank you.


Heres my code. Hope It can help. Thanks😁2Y81PGDMK64O

Jinky Cayanan

I already upgraded my account but didn’t receive any amount.
I tried my invite code to my husband account and it works. We both recieve 100 each. Here is my invite code if you want to use it. 2Y81GL57V064

G Hernandez

Thanks! I used your code 😊 My account and my friend’s got approved after a few minutes. Received the 100 agad.

Here’s mine also PK37XYPQQM3L. Thank you!

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