STREAKK – How To Join And Ways To Earn

STREAKK – How To Join And Ways To Earn

If you want to know how to join the STREAKK community and earn exciting rewards, you landed on the right page to learn everything about this Blockchain project. I will share everything that you need to know about this project, how to join, and STREAKK ways to earn work.

Before we proceed, I’d like to ask you to signup for a free account on the STREAKK website. In some parts of this blog post, I’m going to illustrate something and you can only navigate or see it yourself if you have a STREAKK account, so go ahead and create one for free.

how to join streakk


Free $100
Signup for free on the STREAKK website for you to see what’s inside the platform. Add me on Telegram @yhonglacson or on Facebook if you have more questions.

Please note that the above signup link is my referral link, so once you create a STREAKK account using that link, you will become part of my team, which I’m going to explain more later on. Joining my team will give lots of benefits, one of which is my team has a direct reach to people behind the company. Please keep on reading to know more.


Streakk is a third-generation blockchain that works on a proprietary consensus algorithm that uses Proof of Stake (POS) and Simple Time Protocol (STP). POS requires validators to stake tokens which gives them the right to validate the transactions and in return get rewarded for doing so.

With its advanced node infrastructure INC (Integrated Node Cluster), Streakk (STKK) enables users to earn crypto on 20+ blockchains by simply holding crypto on STREAKK decentralized cryptocurrency wallets without giving custody.

How To Join Streakk?

Streakk has a free decentralized wallet where you need to deposit your crypto and earn passive income from rewards. But if you want to join the community and earn unlimited income, you need to buy an STKK token inside the Streakk reward platform. Simply follow the process below:

1. Signup For Streakk Account

-[ click here ] – to signup for a free account on the Streakk rewards platform. If you have questions, you can leave a comment below on this blog post or DM me on Facebook or Instagram at @yhonglacson.

2. Fund Your Streakk Account

To fund your Streakk account, you need a USDT tether for at least a total of $100. You can get USDT from any cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. Once you already have USDT, you need to log in to your Streakk account and generate a USDT wallet address just like what I have in the picture below.

If you need help, add me on Telegram and I will answer all your questions. My Telegram username is @yhonglacson.

I would suggest you get your USDT from Binance, which you can get free of charge through P2P trading inside the Binance platform. Once you got your USDT worth $100, withdraw it using the wallet address you generated inside your Streakk rewards account.

-[ click here ]- to create a Binance account to easily get USDT and convert your Streakk income to fiat money.

3. Buy Your Streakk Node

The final step is the buy a node inside your Streakk reward account. You will get an STKK token equivalent for whatever number of nodes you’re going to purchase and whatever the current price of STKK on that during the same period you purchased nodes.

Please refer to the picture below for the complete steps on how to do this process.

Once you’re done purchasing your nodes, it will unlock all reward programs that Streakk offers, and that’s what we’re going to talk about next. Again if you have questions, you can always leave a comment below or add me on Telegram @yhonglacson.

Streakk Ways To Earn

Streakk has multiple ways and rewards programs, especially for those people who purchased nodes. You can also download the Streakk presentation where you will see all the details about this project and its rewards program. Alright, let’s talk about the Streakk ways to earn.

DM on Facebook or Telegram and let me help you set up your account.

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