Highest Paid Filipino YouTubers Monthly Income

Highest Paid Filipino YouTubers Monthly Income

It’s not going to be just the highest-paid Filipino YouTuber of 2021 that we are going to talk about today, I’m going to also have you guys here other interesting data about Filipino YouTubers. Information like the most subscribed Filipino YouTuber 2021, the no.1 YouTuber in the Philippines 2021, and other interesting information that you might want to also know.

I did all the necessary research to craft this information for you guys, I have reviewed and compared it to multiple available data sources, websites like Statista and Socialblade.com.

It might be that you’re just getting started on YouTube or becoming a YouTuber, and you’re just checking out some information and data to get yourself inspired or motivated about the possible outcome of what you currently doing. Or you just really wanted to know that’s why you’re here.

Either way, let me know in the comment section and maybe leave your YouTube channel name in the comments, someone might get interested and will subscribe to your channel.

Alright, without any further ado… let’s get into it 😉

10 Highest Paid Filipino YouTubers 2022

The table below is the list of the 10 highest paid Filipino YouTubers or YouTube channels in the Philippines as of this year 2020. So, it’s not going to be just YouTubers but YouTube channels as a whole.

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RankChannel NameNo. Of Subscribers
Estimated Monthly Income
10Fedey Tv90.4K$7.9K - $125.9K
9KAYCEE WONDERLAND2.58M$9.4K - $150.9K
8Zack Tabudlo1.49M$10.4K - $165.8K
7Pochi Sound377K$11.2K - $179.7K
6Dondon Archives96.3K$10.5K - $168.2K
5Kpopify Xolarsun168K$12.5K - $199.4K
4Geo Ong3.14M$13.1K - $210K
3Travis in WONDERLAND1.07M$14.8K - $237.1K
2Junell Dominic 1.75M$41.3K - $660.4K
1Raffy Tulfo in Action23M$37.3K - $596.4K

The data above is just their estimated income from Google AdSense or income for allowing Google to display advertisements on their videos. There are some other ways to earn money on YouTube like Brand sponsoring and Affiliate marketing and unfortunately, we don’t have access to that particular data.

I have it on the dollar value because Google AdSense will pay YouTubers (YouTube Channels) on the dollar currency basis, and the Philippine peso conversation changes from time to time.

The No. 1 And Most Subscribed YouTuber In The Philippines 2022

no.1 youtuber in philippines 2020

Raffy Tulfo of Raffy in Action YouTube Channel is the no. 1 YouTuber in the Philippines. His a Filipino broadcaster who started his YouTube channel together with his team on April 20th of the year 2016. With over 5,000 videos uploaded to his channel and gained 14.4M subscribers that made him the most subscribed YouTuber in the Philippines 2020.

Raffy Tulfo in Action is currently ranked 3rd of the highest-paid YouTube channels in the Philippines, with an estimated monthly income of $75.5K – $1.2M, and it is just from Google AdSense alone or by allowing the platform to display advertisements on his videos. And we all know that he also has lots of sponsorship on his channel, so just imagine it yourself.

How To Earn Money On YouTube Philippines

How To Earn Money On YouTube Philippines

Okay, so I’m going to also include this information about ways how to earn money on YouTube Philippines because some of you guys might want to also start a YouTube channel, so at least I can give some idea about how you are going to earn money from your YouTube videos.

As far as I know, based on all the research that I did, there are three main ways to earn money on YouTube.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to earn money on YouTube. You will earn money by allowing the YouTube platform to display advertisements on your videos.

Advertisers will pay Google (Google Owns YouTube) to have their advertisements displayed on your videos and you as a content creator will receive 55% of the money that the advertisers pay to Google for having their ads displayed on your videos.

And before Google displays advertisements on your videos or considers your channel as their approved partner, you also first need to meet their monetization requirements. Which are: you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 hours of watch time (all your videos combined watch time) and also you need to have content that will pass to their community standards.

If you wanted to start a YouTube channel, I have a video tutorial [ just click here ] on how to create one.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per 1,000 Views In The Philippines?

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per 1,000 Views In The Philippines?

YouTube pay per 1,000 views in the Philippines is between 25.00 Php. to 75.00 Php. It will depend on what type of videos you have, videos like personal lifestyle vlogs have a lower income potential compared to videos like about credit cards or business-related videos.

The reason is that businesses are spending more money on advertisements for information like credit cards, life insurance, and other business-related videos, YouTube algorithm has the ability to distinguish what type of content you have, so that’s why they also have the ability to display targeted ads to whoever watches your videos.

And as I have mentioned above, you will get 55% of the advertisers spent on their ads, so the more money the advertisers spent, the more money you will earn on your videos.

Aside from that, some other factors that will affect your YouTube video income potential are the user interactions with the ads displayed on your videos while they’re watching, if they will just skip the ads right away then you will earn less compared if the user will watch the whole advertisements or even earn more if they will click the ads.

2. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing Philippines

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing simply means referring customers to someone’s product or services (could be a company or individual) and earning a percentage commission for every successful purchase you have referred to using your unique affiliate link.

I have a complete guide about affiliate marketing, on how you can do it here in the Philippines to read my detailed blog post about it.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can get started without needing to meet any YouTube requirements like 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time to qualify for their partnership program.

The only requirement is your ability to create videos and optimize your video to have it ranked on YouTube search results if someone searches about that particular topic that you are going to create videos about.

The easiest way to explain affiliate marketing with YouTube is a scenario like creating product reviews. Let’s just say you create a video review about a new cellphone that just came out, and then you will tell your viewers that they can buy the item through the link you have on your video description.

And have them referred to (let’s just say) Lazada (because Lazada has an affiliate program) and for every successful sale you referred, Lazada will pay you a certain percentage of commission from the amount of the item that you’re referred a customer bought using your affiliate link.

YouTube is considered the second largest search engine, and lots of consumers or buyers will check product reviews before deciding if they will buy the item. It’s not clear yet? well, I actually have a video about it, just [ click here ] to watch it.

3. Brand Sponsorship

The third way that I know how to earn money on YouTube is through Brand Sponsorship.

I’m going to share a simple scenario here, I noticed one of Alex Gonzaga’s video with her niece where she and Toni Gonzaga (her sister) keep mentioning about Pampers, and that implies that Pampers have paid Alex to have their product featured on their video, and yeah, that’s how Brand Sponsorship works.

The downside of this option to earn money on YouTube is that you really have to have a massive audience like what Alex Gonzaga has. So if you’re just getting started on YouTube, just build up your channel and you will get sponsors eventually.

I think that’s all I can have for you guys on this blog post, in cased you guys have questions just please leave them in the comment box below.

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