BuzzBreak Referral Code: B44617856

BuzzBreak Referral Code: B44617856

The BuzzBreak referral code: B44617856 for you to get your 33,000 bonus points as a new user of the BuzzBreak app. Please note that this code only works for BuzzBreak app users in the Philippines.

You can also just simply click the copy button below to copy-and-paste the code to your account.


There are many ways to make money using just your mobile phone and one of those is through mobile apps that make you money. One of the most popular money making apps specifically here in the Philippines is the app called BuzzBreak.

Of course, I know you already know that, since you’re just here searching for a buzzbreak referral code. But for the sake of all newbies out there, I will make a complete blog post about it.

What is BuzzBreak App?

BuzzBreak is one of the most popular mobile application that makes you money while using it. You will earn points every time you do a task inside the app, and the points that you’re going to earn is convertible into real money that you can easily withdraw using GCash.

As of the moment, as I’m writing this blog post, I already earned almost 3,000 pesos paid out straight to my GCash account. So if you have a doubt or question if BuzzBreak is legit, then just please trust me. I’m not going to write this whole blogpost if this app is just nothing.

BuzzBreak Ways Of Earning Money

There are multiple ways on how to earn money while using the BuzzBreak app, you’ll figure that out once you’re already inside the app and browsing it around. But just to complete this blog post, I will include a summary of the ways on how you can make money with Buzzbreak.

1. BuzzBreak Referral Program

One of the best ways to earn money on BuzzBreak is their referral program, you will earn points every time someone uses your buzzbreak referral code. You can refer new Buzzbreak app users as many as you can and you will get rewarded.

That’s how I decided to create this blogpost because I noticed that there’s a lot of people searching about buzzbreak referral code. Use my referral code, and we will both get bonus points.

You will also earn a separate referral bonus if you can refer 3 new app users within 24 hours. Just surf around the app, and you will be able to find that there.

buzzbreak referral code

2. Completing Task On A Given Timeframe

BuzzBreak is like a social media platform and like other popular social media platforms out there, BuzzBreak also has content like funny videos, news, and other interesting content available for their users. But the good thing with BuzzBreak is that you will get rewards while browsing around the app like watching funny videos or reading the news.

You can also try to install new mobile apps, watch advertisements, and get rewarded for doing it. You can even get rewards by just following BuzzBreak on social media platforms. Just go to your BuzzBreak app now, and explore around.

BuzzBreak Referral Code Hack

I have figured out a way to hack the Buzzbreak referral code but I regret doing it. BuzzBreak team are expert enough to find out if you’re going to cheat, so don’t ever do it if you don’t wanna get banned using the app. I tried some tricks on their referral program and they were able to find out that resulted in permanently banning my account.

The BuzzBreak referral code that I have above is actually not mine, because my original account was banned on BuzzBreak. The referral code that I have above from a friend who also installed the app, and we just shared our earnings.

Just to give you an idea about the tricks that I did on their referral program that ended up my account being banned on BuzzBreak, it’s the video above.

Buzzbreak Tips And Tricks

I just wanted to also share how I personally earned thousands of pesos with BuzzBreak, there are no tricks actually, just a doable process that I did.

The best option for you to earn more money with BuzzBreak is through their referral program or referring new users to their app. Of course, you’ll run out of friends if you’re just going to rely on inviting your friends to try the app. What I did is I create a short video and titled it specifically about buzzbreak referral code.

Lot’s of new BuzzBreak app users are going to search about buzzbreak referral code on search engines like YouTube, and what you can do is to create content about it.

This is the short video that I uploaded on YouTube that generates new referrals every single day, this is how I earned thousands of pesos on BuzzBreak.

I think that’s all I can have for you guys on this blog post here. If you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

By the way! If you already have your referral code, please leave it in the comment section below. Someone might able to find that and uses it.

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