How Much Does YouTube Pay In The Philippines

How Much Does YouTube Pay In The Philippines

Hey everyone, it’s me your friend Yhong Lacson. And today I’ll be sharing you guys about how much does YouTube pay in the Philippines. I see huge data of searches about this topic. Particularly about how much YouTube pays every 1,000 views here in the Philippines. That’s why I decided to make a research and finally write a blog post about it.

Before anything else, just wanna let you know guys that I’m actually offering services like creating your website or blog. And I can do it for you for free, yeah you read it right for free. If you want details why I’m doing it for free. Just DM me on my Instagram (@yhonglacson) or call/text my number 0907-873-4877.

Alright, so you maybe wanted to start a YouTube channel and you’re just searching some more information. Or proof that is it really worth it to jump into starting your own YouTube Channel. Or maybe you are trying to grow a YouTube channel. And you’re excited to finally reach the YouTube partnership program qualification. (1,000 Subscribers 4,000 hours of watch time) and start making money. And that’s why you’re here.

Me personally, I actually own 3 YouTube channels in total. And only one channel is making me money as of now. (My personal channel, and two other channel of some kinda viral video compilation). So I know how much effort, patient, you need for you to start growing. I started my personal YouTube channel about a month ago, and it’s really hard to grow.

Since you’re here to find out how much YouTube pays here in the Philippines. Let’s get into it…

How Much Does YouTube Pay

Google owns YouTube, in case you don’t know. So the way YouTubers, vlogger, whatever you call them, they get paid through Google Adsense. It where you need to sign up or apply for YouTube video monetization.

Youtube Partnership Program

And just wanna make things clear. Google pays base on video views (Ad views) not how much subscribers you have, video likes, whatsoever.

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Advertisers (Company, Business Owners, etc.) pay Google to show their Advertisement on your videos. And Google will pay a certain percentage of their revenue to you as a content creator. It’s like a revenue sharing between you and Google.
Google pays out 68% of its total Adsense revenue. That means every $100 advertisers pay to Google, you can have a net revenue share of $68. Huge right?

Here’s the thing, if your channel has just 10,000 below subscribers, do not expect too much. Google Adsense threshold or their minimum payout is $100 and for the most channel with just that amount of subscribers. It took them 3 to 5 months before they reach the $100 minimum payout. I can’t give you a specific number but just think about it.

The Good News

But here’s the good news, if you’re having like more than 1,000 subscribers now. That’s the main stepping stone for massive growth that’s about to come. Trust me, it happens to one of my viral video compilation channels. Just maintain on what really works on you. And don’t forget to always take a look and understand your channel analytics.

And for people who are just getting started, with below 1,000 subscribers like my personal channel. Just continue to put content at least ones a week. Or if you can, it would be a lot better if you can do upload 3 videos a week. Start with what you have, don’t invest in expensive cameras yet unless you have a ton of money. Cell phone cameras are all good to go, and use editor like Kinemaster app. (I have a crack version, just DM me on Instagram (@yhonglacson)

I have one last thing I wanted to share you. An alternative on how you can start making money on YouTube. Even without reaching the minimum 1,000 subscribers for Google Adsense yet.

Affiliate Marketing With YouTube

Here’s another thing or opportunity to make money on YouTube, through affiliate marketing. It doesn’t need any minimum subscribers, qualification whatsoever. All you need to do is to optimize your videos for the search result.

If you don’t know what’s affiliate marketing yet. My simple explanation would be just “you will become a product middle man. Make a profit for promoting other people’s product”.

Dito Sa Pilipinas. We have Lazada affiliate program where you can promote any of the product they have on their store.

lazada affiliate program

I have a complete guide on how to do Lazada Affiliate Marketing (just click here).

This is how you can make money, research what product is on trend, do a quick video review. And tell your viewers to buy the product using the link you have in your video description (Affiliate Link. Complete Guide Above Paragraph). You don’t have to buy the product, just compile the product pictures. And do little research about the product and then do a voice over to it. I see a lot of people doing this on YouTube. And the proof that it actually works is that they keep on doing it.

I think that’s all I got for you today, and I hope you got something. I’m not that really good writer but I’m trying to make you all understand what I’m trying to explain here. I haven’t gone to college, I don’t have any college degree whatsoever but I’m trying to do my best.

Building a website and running social media advertising is the main thing. Writing is just, kinda like I wanna be, and I’m still on the process of learning it.

Beep me up if you want to start your own blog like this if you’re passionate about writing or you have services that need a website. Just DM me on Instagram (@yhonglason).

And please support me on YouTube, do subscribe (through clicking here). I also make videos about making money online there.

Thank you so much for hanging out, God Bless You. Mabuhay Pilipinas.

Yhong Lacson

My name is Yhong Lacson, I'm from Cagayan De Oro City Philippines. And one of my greatest passion is teaching people, so I created this mini blog right here as my medium of communication. I'm into internet entrepreneurship, and that's the majority of my content on this website.

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