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XM Forex Trading Tutorial

XM Forex Trading Tutorial

I have been trading with XM for almost two years now, and just like I was once a beginner who needs help getting started with XM. I’m assuming that someone out there might also need help so I decided to create this page that will teach all beginners how to get started trading with XM broker.

I have a detailed XM trading tutorial video that will walk you through all the steps of getting started with XM, if that sounds what you’re looking for, then I guarantee that you landed on the right website.

What Is XM Broker?

XM is one of the most popular trading brokers that offer online trading services for a variety of financial instruments, including forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and more. It was founded in 2009 and operates in 190 different countries and regulated entities in several countries. The company is known for offering competitive trading conditions, such as tight spreads, fast execution, and a range of educational resources for traders of all levels.

For sure majority of you already know the information above. XM is actually known as a forex broker, and some of you might not know that with XM, you can also trade stocks, indices, commodities, and other tradable instruments or different types of markets you can trade.

XM Broker Tutorial

As promised above, this is going to be a detailed tutorial on how to get started with XM. We’ll be covering how you can also install MT5 as your trading platform. You can start now by watching the video below:

Simply follow the steps shared in the video above, and let me know in the comments sections below if you still have questions. Below are the steps that you need to go through. 

1. Account Information

You need to fill out your personal information, such as your complete name, email, phone number, and your preferred account language. Make sure that you’re using your real personal information, especially your name, because you need to also verify your account by submitting an ID to confirm your identity and the information you used during sign-up.

2. Trading Account Details

You need to choose your preferred trading platform, Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5. If you want to trade stocks in the future, then choose MetaTrader 5. If you’re planning to use EAs then select MetaTrader 4 since most of the Expert Advisor only works on Metatrader 4.

For your account type, I would suggest you choose a Micro account since you’re just getting started. No worries, you can add an additional account at a later time if you want without you having to signup again. I also have a detailed post about XM account types if you want to learn more.

3. Trading Account Details

The next part is you need to fill up your additional information, don’t worry everything is just a self-explanatory question, just fill up what’s being asked. For your account leverage, you can select 1:888 suggested leverage for beginners, and make sure to select yes on the account bonus question.

4. Investor Information

XM provides help for all their traders through educational videos, webinars, seminars, and even one on one questions with your account manager. On this part of the signup process, you need to answer a few questions that best describe you. This is just for XM’s reference for them to be able to provide educational resources. Once you are done answering all the questions, just create your account password and agree to the terms and conditions.

4. Claim Your $30 Bonus

You will receive an email confirmation about the successful validation of your account. Once that happens, you can now claim your free $30 bonus. To claim your bonus, just log in to your account and scroll down to the bottom part and you should see a clickable fat button to claim your bonus. You can also read more details about XM bonuses if you want to learn more.

Make sure to practice trading using a demo account before you start trading real money. You can make profits using just the bonus that XM will give you if you have a well-structured trading strategy.

4. Install Trading Platform

XM has all versions of trading platforms that suit whatever device you’d like to use for your trading. They even have a mobile application available for both Android and iOS users. Remember your account details? The trading platform you did choose during account creation? MetaTrader 4 or 5? 

Just go ahead and download the trading platform you selected during account creation, and install it on your device. If you’re using mobile, then just search Metatrader on App Store or Google play store.

Once you have successfully installed your trading platform, go ahead and log in using your XM account details that were sent to your email. It should be the second email you received from XM during your account creation.

5. Fund Your Trading Account

Again, please make sure you practice trading using a demo account before trading real money. Once you’re ready, (you should already have a trading strategy) go ahead and make a deposit to your account. XM offers multiple payment methods, they even have the option to use your local payment gateways. With a minimum deposit of just $5 USD, you can start trading with XM in no time.

That’s all I have for you on this page, please let me know in the comments if you still have questions. You can also visit this page to learn more about XM. Good luck!

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