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WeEvolve Marketing Corporation

WeEvolve Marketing Corporation

Hey everyone, before we go dive deep into this topic just wanna give you all a warm welcome to my blog. This is me of course “Yhong Lacson”. I run and own this mini-blog right here. And of course today, Ill be sharing you guys about WeEvolve Marketing Corporation. A newly opened interesting network marketing company from the Philippines.

Before anything else, just wanna let you guys know also that I’m actually offering services. Services like creating your website, or running your social media ads like Facebook Ads, or google ads. In today’s modern days “Internet Era”, if you’re doing business you need a website. That’s why I’m here that will help you do that, for a very minimal amount of charge.

Yeah, I think that’s all I wanted to talk you guys about with my intro. Without any further lines, let’s go for it, WeEvolve Marketing Corporation.

WeEvolve Marketing Corporation Company

WeEvolve Trading Corporation is a newly launched network marketing (Multi-Level Marketing) company from the Philippines just this year 2019. One of their main goals is to change how the network marketing industry works in the country. They aim to integrate modern way of product distribution, using a modern eCommerce platform and free product delivery nationwide.

It’s a company founded by Multi-Level Marketing (Networking) icons of the country from the most known and prestigious company named Alliance In Motion Global (Aim Global). I’m not gonna mentioned their names, but I have one word that I can use to illustrate them. They are “ICON”, yeah just icon :). If you want more details about them then just leave a comment below.

I’m not gonna talk you guys everything about them, because I assumed that your here coz you wanna know their business system or how to earn.

WeEvolve Business Presentation (Ways To Earn)

WeEvolve Marketing Corporation is also trying to revolutionize the business system as they say. Like it’s not the usual binary system, left & right system stuff, etc. But I think they’re not actually the first one to do it or the company that is using the same MLM Business system that is open in the market today.

There is this Lean ‘N Green Trading Corporation who showed up in the market ahead of them, and it’s all the same in terms of ways to earn, and the free shipping that they have promoted. The only difference is that the package price or the entry they are offering to become a member. To be honest, it actually appears to me that they’re just copying the business system that Lean ‘N Green had used. Check Out Lean ‘N Green through [clicking here]

And by the way, Lean ‘N Green Trading Corporation CEO sir Chris Puntanar is also from Aim Global.

But of course, I’m not here to give you a comparison between the two company. Lean ‘N Green Trading Corporation and WeEvolve Marketing Corporation. So just do your own research if you want deep details.

Here’s how the WeEvolve Marketing Corporation business system works. Watch the video below:

The Bottom Line Is


To be honest I’m also actually working and doing business with a network marketing company. Just ask me in the comments section below if you wanna know my company.

Bottom line is, in this type of business or industry. To succeed “success” will always matter to us, no matter how good and great is your company, it always in us on how we’re going to do the business.

I think that’s all, I’m feeling sleepy at this very moment writing this blog post. If you want to connect with me, just scroll down to the bottom of this page if you’re using mobile. And on the upside bar if you’re on a desktop.

I can build your website if you need, or get featured your WeEvolve sign-up link. Just let me know in the comment box below.

Yhong Lacson

My Name Is Yhong Lacson, And I Created And Run This Website Right Here. I'm From Cagayan De Oro City, And If Your Living Just Nearby Let Me Know In The Comments Below. We Can Be Friends And Grab Some Coffee Together.

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  1. how to create website? cost? email me for details. thanks!

  2. May i know what is the networking business you’re at?
    I have joined a couple of mlm before but they all disappeared and i am now afraid to join another one.

    Thank you

    1. I’m actually currently working with Lean N’ Green Trading Corporation.

  3. ,how much po ang pacreate ng website?

    1. Depende po sa pagagawa nyong website, send nalang kayo email about sa details ng project nyo.

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