Teleperformance Cagayan De Oro

Teleperformance Cagayan De Oro

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys about the things you need to know about Teleperformance Cagayan De Oro City. Maybe you need a job and applying for a call center is one of your best options, that’s why you’re here. And I promise that I’m not going to disappoint you with what I have here on this page.

Before anything else, just wanna give you a little information about who I am. Because you might end up a question if can I really be trusted about all this information that you’re about to know.

My name is Yhong Lacson, and as of this very moment, I’m working as a call center agent with Teleperformance Cagayan De Oro City. I also do blogging part-time, and I run and created this website right here. So basically, what I would do is just share with you guys the process of how did I get a job with Teleperformance.

Before we go deeper, I just also want you to know the reason why I created this blog post right here.

My number one reason is, of course, to give you a guide. And the second reason why I have this blog post is that Teleperformance has a referral program and that’s what we are going to talk about in the next few lines.

Teleperformance Referral Bonus

Teleperformance Referral Bonus

Teleperformance offers a referral program on all their working call center agents. Not just here in Cagayan but in all countries and cities where Teleperformance is operating a business. So how does the program works?

For you to be able to start referring people or a friend, you need to be a working call center agent of Teleperformance. And when your referred applicants go through all the application process and pass, you will receive a referral bonus from them (Teleperformance).

I’m not really certain of how much is the referral bonus is, because as of this very moment while I’m typing this blog post, I still don’t have any referrals yet.

Now here’s the thing, you need someone that will help you out like giving you some tips to pass all the job interviews and get the job. Well, in that case, I’m happy to say that I can be that someone.

I can share you everything on how I was able to pass all the job interviews with just a one-time application, with no call center experience, a college undergrad, etc. What you need to do is send me a message on Facebook Messenger through (Clicking Here) or simply search me on Facebook “Yhong Lacson” and let’s talk about everything, including the referral program that the company offers.

Teleperformance CDO Address

Teleperformance Cagayan De Oro

Teleperformance in Cagayan De Oro City is one of the most popular BPO companies in the city. It’s known to be the company with a higher salary rate comparing to other BPO companies here in CDO.

Another thing that I think the reason why Teleperformance is so popular here in CDO because it’s just right within the heart of the city. And they are so good at marketing, you can see the company’s banner ads almost everywhere especially within Centrio mall where the business operation is located.

Teleperformance CDO Address

Teleperformance Cagayan De Oro is located on the 2nd floor of Centrio Mall, C.M. Recto Avenue, Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines 9000.

I can give you all the details you need, just beep me up through this contact numbers [ 0907-873-4877 Smart | TNT ] and [ 0906-505-5970 Globe | TM ] or simply send me a private message on Facebook messenger through (Clicking Here).

Teleperformance CDO Application Process

I think all Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies have the same way on how they recruit new call center agents, I mean the process. A one-day application process, which means you’ll know the application result within the same day.

Below steps is just my personal created steps based on what I did to successfully get a job with Teleperfromanace CDO. Just my personal steps that I did during my application.

Step 1. Find Someone Where You Can Ask Questions

It’s really important to know what’s coming, like possible questions during the interview, etc. So the first step would be “find someone where you can ask all your questions about the application process”. Someone that can also give you some important tips or guide for the success of your application.

And just like what I have mentioned above, if you came across this blog post of mine right here, I can be that someone that will help you out.

Just see the contact details that I have included above, reach me out and I will answer every question you have right now.

Step 2. Prepare For Your Job Interview

It’s funny but what I did before my interview was I wrote a complete guide or script (whatever you call it) based on the possible questions that my referer told me and memorized almost every line of it.

You know, we maybe can talk the English language fluently, but trust me it’s not the same feeling when you are just talking alone (or to friends) compare to the actual job interview. Especially if you haven’t got any real job interviews yet.

So better prepared for it. It’s a three (3) job interviews you need to go through. The first interview, the initial interview, and the final interview, (the tough one).

Step 3. Visit Teleperformance Recruitment Office

Ones you’re ready, it’s time for you to face the final battle (LOL). Visit the Teleperformance recruitment office and get hired. You can visit the Teleperformance office anytime, just between 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

Yeah, I think that’s all I have for you guys on this blog post. What you need to do now is reach me out via this contact numbers [ 0907-873-4877 Smart | TNT ] and [ 0906-505-5970 Globe | TM ].

Or simply send me a private message on Facebook messenger through (Clicking Here) and let’s talk about everything you need to get the job with Teleperformance Cagayan De Oro City.

Yhong Lacson

My name is Yhong Lacson, I'm from Cagayan De Oro City Philippines. And one of my greatest passion is teaching people, so I created this mini blog right here as my medium of communication. I'm into internet entrepreneurship, and that's the majority of my content on this website.

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