Meet the leaders behind the company.

There were just three of us who really decided to do a collaboration and start our very own digital marketing agency, but we have freelancers that we can hire anytime if we need more manpower for a project.

Shopify developer
shopify expert
Shopify Expert

Meliz Ibanez

Meliz Ibañez is one of our resident Shopify experts who specializes in Shopify website design and optimization. She has been helping both local and international clients for the last 2 years. If you have an existing Shopify store that just needs optimization, she is the best person for the job.

Facebook Ads Rockstar

Engelou Cale

Engelou Cale is the founder of 1Mpossible Marketing, the company that previously solely focuses on helping US-based companies with their Facebook Ads marketing. He's been doing Facebook Ads (Meta for Business) for the last 3 years, helping businesses like real estate, law firms, and eCommerce business owners.

Website Developer

Yhong Lacson

Yhong Lacson has been working as a digital marketer for the last 3 years, working on digital projects like WordPress websites, Shopify store development, and search engine optimization. He previously worked as a freelancer, working with clients from abroad, and just recently decided to start a website where he offers services that he has been doing before as a freelancer.