Swertres Result Today

Swertres Result Today

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I decided to create this webpage for my father because just like you, he also played Swetres and oftentimes he asks me questions like the Swertres result today or the 3d results.

Since I always check the Swetres results for my father (He’s not into internet stuff), and I know it’s not going to be just him that needs to know about it, I ended up deciding to just create a quick page about it here on my website.

But I can assure you that all the data or results that I have on this page are legit, and that are carefully checked and were directly sourced from the official PCSO draw results for Swertres.

To complete this article, I will have to go through all of the information that is necessary for an article to be considered complete.

I might share information that you already know, so just scroll down to check for the results that you’re looking for.

What Is Swertres?

Swertres (also known as the 3d lottery game) is one of the most popular lottery games in the Philippines.

It was started in June of 2002 with the primary reason of attempting to deal with the widespread frauds schemes and illegal operations in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

As a result, it becomes one of the most played lottery games on PCSO’s portfolio and spread in the whole country in later years.

The name Swertres was derived from the two Spanish words, the first one is Suerte a word that means luck, and tres which means three.

Because to play the Swertres game, you just need to select your lucky 3 sets of numbers between 0-9, and if you will guess the right lucky 3 sets of numbers from the draw results, then you’ll become a winner.

swertres 3d result today

Here’s The Swertres Result Today

The table below is the Swertres 3d results for today’s draw, September 3, 2021. Just please refresh the page if you’re not seeing the updated results yet.

Draws Result
2:00 PM 7-5-2
5:00 PM 1-3-4
9:00 PM 2-2-9

You can also visit PCSO’s official website if you want to verify the results I have recorded here, just click here and be routed to their official website.

Some of you guys might not be able to have the time to check for the Swertres results yesterday, so I decided to also include it here on this page.

Swertres Result Yesterday

Here are the Swertres results from yesterday for those of you guys that weren’t able to have time to check the results yesterday.

2:00 PM3-6-9
5:00 PM 9-9-9
9:00 PM8-4-7

As usual, you can also visit PCSO’s official website if you want to verify the results I have recorded here, just click here and be routed to their official website.

Swertres Result History

I also noticed that a lot of you guys are also searching about the Swertres result history, and to make this article a one-stop page, I decided to also include it below.

Year 20212:00 PM 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
Aug. 33-1-4 6-4-4 0-3-3
Aug. 49-1-43-3-7 0-5-5
Aug. 51-3-18-3-6 4-3-1
Aug. 6 0-6-8 0-3-20-4-0
Aug. 74-1-80-3-5 7-0-7
Aug. 8 4-3-8 8-7-2 8-7-2
Aug. 9 8-7-2 0-2-5 7-1-2
Aug. 10 7-1-2 7-1-2 7-1-2
Aug. 11 7-1-2 2-4-6 0-7-5
Aug. 121-9-4 1-1-9 3-0-2
Aug. 13 2-9-4 2-9-1 3-8-2
Aug. 14 5-3-1 6-0-93-6-4
Aug. 15 0-2-1 0-9-4 3-8-3
Aug. 16 8-7-9 5-9-98-2-4
Aug. 17 6-0-66-1-1 3-6-0
Aug. 18 6-9-6 2-3-9 3-9-1
Aug. 19 6-3-6 0-5-4 1-0-8
Aug. 20 3-8-6 7-1-5 7-1-5
Aug. 21 6-1-29-0-8 2-7-5
Aug. 22 6-3-3 5-7-1 3-7-7
Aug. 23 6-0-89-4-8 5-1-1
Aug. 24 4-9-65-4-4 9-5-5
Aug. 25 4-8-4 6-9-3 7-0-7
Aug. 26 1-2-5 7-3-5 4-7-9
Aug. 27 4-7-4 2-2-2 5-6-7
Aug. 28 8-6-8 2-5-1 2-2-2
Aug. 29 8-2-1 0-7-2 1-4-6
Aug. 30 6-1-5 4-4-6 2-9-5
Aug. 31 6-7-5 5-3-0 5-4-5
Sep. 1 2-5-6 4-8-49-4-8

Please note: This website is not in any form connected or affiliated with any office/website of the official Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) or their governance/system structure.

This is just an independent blog/website that aims to provide easy access to information online. That would mean that we will not be liable for any loss, handling your game concerns, etc.

If you have questions and concerns about the Lottery game Swertres, please refer to PCSO’s official website.

If you have something to share, please leave them in the comment section below. I wish you guys luck!

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