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3 Small Business In The Philippines With A 4K Capital

3 Small Business In The Philippines With A 4K Capital

There are tons of business options here in the Philippines you can choose to start with. But the main thing that we always consider, is the starting capital that we need. In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing you guys the 3 small business ideas in the Philippines that you can start with just 4k pesos starting capital.

I’m not gonna share you with a bunch of options like what most bloggers do, and then just let you figure out how you can do it. I’m here and I will just share you the best 3 ways that I know, and I’m also going to give you all the guidelines you need to get started.

Without any further talking, let’s get into it.

Here Are The 3 Best Small Business Ideas In Philippines That You Can Start With Just 4K Pesos Capital.

Alright, so here are the 3 best small business ideas here in the Philippines that I’m talking about. I tried this myself all of these three options, so what I’m going to do is just share you guys on how I did it and how you can get started too.

1. Direct Selling Business

Direct selling business is one of the most lucrative types of business you can start here in the Philippines. Have you noticed “buy and sell groups on Facebook “? That almost every minute there’s a new product listing that pop’s out? I’m sure you did, they are the simple proof that selling online can really make you a living if can do it the right way.

Direct Selling Business

But Yhong? Is it really possible to start a direct selling business with just less than 4,000 pesos capital? Well, yes. You can even start for free like you can do a “pre-order” type of selling, (just get the product from the supplier when someone orders it from you, but always be prepared for product returns and bogus buyer) or simply find a supplier and ask them to become their reseller.

But if you want the best, with a great business system behind as a direct seller, I got something to share you.

Here Are Some Factors You Need To Consider If You Want To Start A Direct Selling Business.

  • Choosing The Product – You should always figure out a way to find a great product you can resell that is already crashing the market. I mean a product that is easy to sell because of it’s proven results. It’s hard to do an experiment for a product (market testing) and lost a great amount of time and effort doing it, so always choose what’s already working.
  • Product Profit Margins – No matter how fast that particular product sell’s, you should also don’t forget what you can have every time you make a sale, your profit margin. Go for the product with at least a 35% profit margin.
  • Business System – A business system is what makes your business stay up and running. It’s either a business system that would let you maximize the business and make your more money or a system that would lessen the amount of effort you that you usually exert to your business.

Here’s The Best Product You Can Start Selling Online Here In The Philippines (For Filipino Market)

small business ideas philippines

One of the best product you can start selling today is the lean n green slimming coffee, the most trending slimming product that is proven and tested by many. It’s an evergreen product which means it always makes a sale, not a seasonal product.

So why I recommend lean n green slimming coffee as the best product you can start reselling? We’ll just like what we have in the title of this blog post, a business that you can start for less than 4,000 pesos of capital. Because with lean n green slimming coffee, you only need to buy 3,500 pesos worth of product. And you can then start to resell the product with up to 43% profit margin. Huge right? you can earn up to 116 pesos each box as a reseller.

I have mentioned the 3 factors you have to consider in choosing the best product to resell, and yes lean n green slimming have passed it all.

Easy to sell, with lot’s of marketing materials like testimonials, reviews and most of all the there’s a great business system behind that could let you earn more. I know even individuals who are making a ton of money just this product.

If you’re interested and you want more details about this product, then just comment down below comment section or head over to my contact page and let’s talk about it.

2. Starting A Blog

The second best way to start a business in the Philippines with less than 4K pesos of capital is through launching a blog or a blogging business, just like what I got you here. Blogging is a long term business that you can even pass on to your next generation, and the good thing about blogging space here in the Philippines is that it’s not that crowded yet.


I actually own a couple of websites and this one right here just cost me around 2,500 pesos to get started. So the 4,000 pesos that you have, just like what this article is all about is more than enough to launch your first very own blogs.

A lot of people have this misconception that you need to be a techy savvy to manage and create a website, yes it’s true 10 years ago. But not today, because you can easily build a website as easy driving a bicycle these modern days. Even me personally, I’m not an IT guy whatsoever, I learned all the skills that I have right now through watching YouTube videos. That’s all, all it takes is the really just the passion to learn.

I Have A Complete Tutorial How You Can Start A Blog, Just Click Here To Watch It

There are many ways to earn money as a blogger. Like you can offer your own services, affiliate marketing, displaying advertisements and many other ways. All you really need is to get started and learn everything along the way as you go on the process.

And if you can’t write, then hire someone to do it for you. Me personally, writing is actually not my thing too, but since its part of what it takes to have a blog, so I did my best to learn. I don’t have any college training or bachelor degree whatsoever, so what’s your excuse.

I can actually help you if you want to lunch your own blog, like everything that I know about it. Just leave a comment below with your contact details like email, or head over to my contact page and ask me anything there.

3. Multi-Level Marketing Business

Someones told me that more than 60% of high-end cars (sports cars) owners in the Philippines are network marketers. I don’t know if it is a piece of concrete information but I believed with what he had told me.

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I will not deny the fact that I once became a network marketer, yes! it’s actually where I have learned most of the selling skills that I have right now. It’s where I develop my self-confidence like standing in a front int he front of the crowd sharing the business.

small business ideas in the philippines

Network marketing business is I think one of the best steppings stone to get started as an entrepreneur. They have amazing training and the best business system that really works. It’s too good to be true sometimes for most people, but if you can just do it the right way and learn everything that it takes to be a successful network marketer, then there’s really a huge chance to succeed

Network marketing or multi-level marketing is the only business model that you can start with a very minimal amount of capital but can you give a chance to earn more than you can ever imagine.

But of course, you should always keep in mind and always consider to do research first before deciding to join any particular network marketing company. Some of the most known and trusted network marketing company today here in the Philippines areLean N’ Green Trading Corporation“, “IAM Worldwide”, “Frontrow International”, And “Alphaneworld, NWorld”.

I think that’s all I have for you guys today, the bottom line is that you really need to take action and always consider having a passion or the love of what you do. If your not happy of what you have right now, like the job you have, I have this line for you “To get what you never had, you must do what you’ve never done, gusto mong may bago? simple lang, gawa ka rin ng bago.

Right Skills + Passion + Right System = Success (From one of my mentor)

Thank you so much for hanging out, I’m so happy to have you here. If you have something like a question or suggestion whatsoever, just leave it in the comment box below.

Have a great day, Mabuhay Pilipinas…

Yhong Lacson

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