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Shopify Philippines Review 2023

Shopify Philippines Review 2023

I have been working with Shopify as a partner for almost three years now, and today I’m going to answer all of the most frequently asked questions about Shopify in the Philippines. We’re going to talk about Shopify pricing (monthly subscription), how to set up shipping (like cash on delivery), and also a review of Shopify in the Philippines.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud-based, e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create an online store and sell their products. It provides a wide range of features and tools to help merchants manage and grow their online businesses, including the ability to manage orders, process payments, track inventory, and handle shipping and returns.

Shopify also offers a variety of customizable templates and design options, as well as integrations with other business tools and services. It is a popular choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to create an online presence, and it has a large ecosystem of developers and partners who build additional functionality and integrations for the platform.

Is Shopify Available In The Philippines?

Yes, Shopify is available in the Philippines and has been used by thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs. It is a global platform that is used by merchants in many countries around the world, including the Philippines.

Shopify offers a range of pricing plans to meet the needs of different types of businesses, including those just starting out, as well as more established businesses looking to scale. It supports multiple currencies, including the Philippine peso, so Filipino merchants can use Shopify to sell their products to customers anywhere in the country or around the world.

What Exactly Does Shopify Do?

Shopify is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that provides merchants with everything they need to create and manage an online store. Some of the key features and capabilities of Shopify include:

  • Storefront Design And Customization: Shopify provides a range of customizable templates and design options for merchants to create a professional-looking online store.
  • Product Management: Shopify allows merchants to add, manage, and organize their products and product variations, as well as set prices, create discounts, and track inventory.
  • Order Processing: Shopify provides tools to manage orders, process payments, and handle shipping and returns. It integrates with a variety of payment gateways and supports multiple currencies.
  • Marketing And SEO: Shopify offers tools to help merchants promote their products and improve their search engine rankings, including built-in SEO features, email marketing, and social media integration.
  • Analytics And Reporting: Shopify provides detailed analytics and reporting tools to help merchants track their sales, traffic, and customer behavior.
  • Mobile App: Shopify has a mobile app that allows merchants to manage their store on the go, including processing orders, tracking sales, and updating products.

Shopify provides a complete solution for merchants to create and run a successful online store, with a focus on ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. Shopify also has a learning center where they have available content that will you succeed with your business using their platform.

How To Build Or Create Shopify Website?

Creating an online store or website with Shopify is actually very not that hard, even if you don’t have experience in building a website before. You can just use premade Shopify themes, drag and drop elements, and just change the content. Check out my detailed video below that will walk you through the process of creating an online store with Shopify.

You can also watch this video directly on YouTube, I think it would be easier to watch it there. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Below are the general steps on how to build a Shopify store. Please note that specific steps and features may vary depending on the theme you have chosen and your specific requirements:

  1. Sign Up For A Shopify Account: Go to the Shopify website and create a new account by providing your email address and creating a password.
  2. Choose A Theme: Shopify offers a wide range of free and paid themes that you can use to design your store. Select a theme that best fits your business and preferences.
  3. Customize Your Theme: Use the theme editor to customize the design and layout of your store, including the colors, fonts, and images.
  4. Add Products: Create product listings by providing information such as the product name, description, price, and images.
  5. Configure Payment And Shipping Options: Set up your payment gateway (such as PayPal, PayMongo: GCash, Maya, Etc.) and configure your shipping rates.
  6. Test Your Store: Before launching your store, test it to make sure everything is working correctly and that the checkout process is seamless for your customers.
  7. Launch Your Store: Once you’re satisfied with your store’s design and functionality, you can launch it for the world to see.
  8. Keep track of your sales, and customers to improve your store performance.

Latest Shopify Pricing Plans In The Philippines

Shopify has newly updated pricing plans for Filipino merchants where they offer three options depending on your business needs. Below are the Shopify plans and their corresponding monthly subscriptions:

  • Basic: $25 USD/Month ($19 USD/Month If Billed Yearly)
  • Shopify: Basic: $65 USD/Month ($49 USD/Month If Billed Yearly)
  • Advanced: Basic: $399 USD/Month ($299 USD/Month If Billed Yearly)

You will get a 25% discount if you choose a yearly subscription instead of paying every single month. If you’re serious about your business, I would suggest you choose a yearly Shopify plan, 25% is a huge saving.

To give a detailed idea and details about the Shopify pricing plans, please refer to the image below. If you still have questions, please let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Best Shopify Payment Gateways In The Philippines

A payment gateway is an essential component of our Shopify store. It enables us to securely accept and process payments from our customers. In the Philippines, it’s important that our store accept payments using popular payment platforms like GCash, Maya, Credit/Debit cards, and other payment methods that are usually used by Filipino online shoppers.

One of the most popular payment gateways in the Philippines that will allow you to accept local payment methods is the company called PayMongo. Below are the options on how you can process payments with your Shopify store in the Philippines:

1. PayMongo

I personally think that PayMongo is the best payment gateway in the Philippines for a Shopify store, based on my experience and my client’s feedback. It allows us business owners to easily accept payments online through various methods such as credit cards, debit cards, local eWallets, and online banking.

Paymongo can be easily integrated with our Shopify, allowing us to accept payments directly on our Shopify website. The platform also provides features such as recurring payments, subscriptions, and fraud detection.

2. Dragonpay

Dragonpay is a Philippines-based payment gateway that supports various online and offline payment methods such as online banking, over-the-counter bank deposits, and mobile wallet payments.

3. Paypal

A global payment gateway that supports various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and online banking. It can also be integrated with Shopify, and it’s widely accepted worldwide.

4. Cash On Delivery (COD)

Cash on delivery (COD) is a payment option that allows customers to pay for their orders in cash when they receive them. This is a common payment method in the Philippines since Filipinos are used to the COD payment option when they’re shopping online, so it would be a huge advantage if you will include COD as one of your payment methods.

Shopify does not have a built-in COD feature, but you can still offer COD as a payment option by using a third party like J&T, LBC, and other courier service providers in the Philippines. It’s important to note that you have to first consult your preferred courier for you to know their terms on the Cash On Delivery option and also to give you an idea of how much would it cost.

The video that I have included above should be able to guide you on how to build your own Shopify store. But if you still have questions, please let me know in the comments below. Good luck!

Yhong Lacson
Yhong Lacson

I'm a digital nomad from the Philippines. I run a small agency where I offer website development (Shopify & WordPress) services. I also do forex trading on the side, so you might see me sharing content about forex trading and such.

Lornizalyn Abayon

Sir tanong ko lang po.. Yung free trial na 7 days po.. Pagdating po ng 7 days ano po mamgyayari sa store na nacreate natin sa shopify po ? Thank u po.. Interested po talaga kasi.. Sana po matulungan mo po ako 😊😊

Hey Sensei Yhong!
Added u on IG 🙂
I was curious you can add Shopee products on your Shopify Also Lazada etc? Was wondering how would that work … u can put a little commission on top of the Shopee price?
Salamat po


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Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

Yhong Lacson

Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

Vic Martinez

I need informations on shopify POS system (Retail/Pharmaceut) both on physica l store and online commerce. While read a lot of online support, i am an old dog having slight aversion to online instructions. I am comfortable talking to real person with sound knowledge on shopify products and system.Fundamentals are:
1. Software products, installation, set-up.
2. Compatible hardwares , availability in the Philippines, are third party vendors available?
3. Database buildup, network page creation, product presence on the net.
4. Reliability – as cloud based POS, will the establishment be paralyzed with loss of internet connections? what are the broadband speed requirements, power, and other essentials for continued operation?
5. Persons or specialist we can call for suppory in person?

I am excited with Shopify products, and in dire need of directions!

Vic Martinez

Hello, Vic. Thank you for your interest in Shopify. Can you please send me your phone number or Viber number to this email: I will call you and answer all your questions. Thank you!

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