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Five Shopify Apps That Will Double Your  Store Conversion

Five Shopify Apps That Will Double Your Store Conversion

What are the best Shopify Apps for increasing store conversion? I got this question most of the time from my clients, especially Shopify beginners. We know that there are tons of Shopify apps available, either from the Shopify itself or from an outside third-party vendor. And that sometimes confuses us which one is really the right one to pick up.

But today, worry no more because I will share you the top five Shopify apps that every Shopify store must have to have a great foundation for your business success.

Without any further lines, Let’s get into it…

Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales 2019

The first App that I absolutely have to tell you without a shadow of a doubt that you must have is Abandonment Protector

1. Abandonment Protector

And the reason why you need abandonment protector, it’s very simple. It is knowing that people simply just leave the cart. Now, even if they’re really interested in buying your product, they still leave the cart.

And the reason why they leave the cart is maybe that they are too busy, or they got caught at work on shopping online whatsoever, or they simply want a better deal from you.

So what the abandonment protector? what it does is that it will recover your sales at any time people actually leave the process of checking out. This is like the lowest hanging fruit. It’s only $8 a month, but I can tell you, you will make a significant of money back. So make sure that you have abandonment protector in place.

abandon cart protector shopify apps

The second is really built for drop shippers. If you’re dropshipping online, you know that it is a tedious task when you are going on Aliexpress buying products, copy and paste their information and actually have it in your store.

And also when you fulfill the product, it can be a pain in the butt because you need to copy and paste their shipping information. You then have to put your purchases in and then when the vendor uploads the tracking information, you gotta do copy and paste.

Obviously, we did not sign up for that as an entrepreneur, right? So what you want to do is to automate the entire process using an App called Shopzie.

2. Shopzie

Shopzie is very different than any other dropshipping app that you can use. And the reason why is that not only shops, he automates the entire process. The beauty about Shopzie is that you get to actually make up to 6.9% cashback for every single order you place with them.

So that means more money in your pocket, right? We all want to have the highest margin as possible. And with Shopzie you get cashback for every single order that you are going to place through the App. Now on top of that, obviously all the automation, all the fun way is all in place.

So you definitely check out Shopzie if you are drop shipping, and if you want to actually make more money. That’s all we want, and if you want that 6.9% cashback because obviously, cash is king and you want to obviously have more cashback.

The third App that we are actively using right now, especially when you’re testing on the new product, is called Upsell X.

3. Upsell X

Upsell X is basically a prepurchase pop-up. It gives you the opportunity and the ability to make more from your existing customers. People love to actually add more items into the cart, as long as it makes sense.

So let’s say for an example if you go to best buy to simply buy a television, the TV Margin for best buy, it’s not the best, but where they make the most money is when they ask you. Hey, do you want to add an extended warranty to your TV and it will cost you 70 bucks or so?

Upsell X shopify apps

And those are literally additional profit in pure profit, straight forward to best buy. And this also happens at the Apple store and you buy an Apple product.

You’ll be always asked, do you want to buy apple care? And Apple care is pretty expensive, but what they do is that they are then asking you to actually spend more at their store, and increase their average order value. Again, I cannot stress the importance of this. When it comes to e-commerce, whoever has the highest AOV (average order value) wins period.

And you want to do everything you can to increase your average order value. So that’s the App that I’ve highly, highly recommend.

The fourth one is called volume break or quantity break.

4. Volume Break

So a lot of people don’t just buy one product. You want to encourage them to actually buy multiple units of the same item. Again, that’s how you drastically increase the average order value.

With the volume break or quantity break, it gives the opportunity for your customers that when you say hey, buy two or more you get an additional percentage off, buy three or more and you get an additional percentage off.

Volume Discount Shopify App

That again skyrockets your average order value. So you definitely want to have this in place. Now, last but not least, the one that I say that you must have is called Sales Pop.

5. Sales Pop Shopify Apps

Sales Pop: They always changed different names all the time. No idea why, but what it does is that it’s basically having a notification on showing people that there are real customers buying from your store. This creates FOMO, fear of missing out.

Sales Pop Shopify App

And it is a social proof for your store to actually let people know that hey, people are trusting the store. So that you can actually have this piece of information to showcase to your new customers or new prospects so that they are encouraged to actually buy more from you.

So these are the top five apps that I highly recommend you to check it out. These are the apps that you need to use for your store, especially right now in the world of Shopify and e-commerce.

If you guys have a question suggestion whatsoever, just leave it the comment box below or send a message via this email: contact@yhonglacson.com

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