Screen Recorder Windows

Screen Recorder Windows

Are you looking for the best screen recorder for windows 10? well, congratulation because you just landed on a page where you can find it…

Today I’m going to share with you guys the best screen recorder for win10, I say it is the best because I personally used this screen recording software, and it helps me make videos out of my laptop screen for my YouTube Channel.

I have been using it for quite some time already so I decided to create this blog post as my testimony about this software, how great it is. The name of the software is Screencast O Matic and that’s what I’m to share here today…

Screen Recorder

If you’re like me who does video discussions by capturing what I have on your computer screen, then you need to have a screen recorder. You might be a teacher, an employee who needs to create video discussions or just someone like me who does videos for my YouTube channel.

There’s actually lots of screen recording software available for us to use, but the thing is that not all of them are for us. Some of them would take months to completely learn all its features and functionalities (user-friendly factor) and some of them are going to ask you an unreasonable amount ($) for the software’s subscription.

So what I have here is software that I personally used, and I have been using it for years now already. It’s very user friendly, it comes with a free version that you can try on first before subscribing to their premium subscription for just $19.80 per year / $1.65 per month.

Screencast O Matic

Screencast O Matic…

Screencast for me is the best screen recording available in the market. It comes with a free version (I’m going to discuss more in the next paragraphs below) and it’s super affordable, their premium subscription is just $19.80 per year / $1.65 per month

Screencast O Matic” was shared with me from a friend, and the sad part is that he didn’t even tell me how this software works. But the good news is, I learned how it works by discovering on my own (user friendly). It’s a very easy tool to use with a great feature for all your screen recording needs.

screencast o matic

Just -[ Click Here ]- To See More Details About Screencast O Matic Software

The Screencast O Matic Free Version:

You can have a great screen recording for FREE with Screencast, it’s just that your video maximum recording time is going to be just up to 15 minutes.

Also, it will be published with a watermark of their name “Screencast O Matic” below on your video. And if that’s okay with, then go ahead and -[Click Here ]- to get Screencast O Matic for free.

The Premium Screencast O Matic Subscription:

The premium “Screencast O Matic” subscription is going to just cost you $19.80 per year / $1.65 per month (Billed Yearly) and you can have all the premium benefits as a premium subscriber.

You can record unlimited video duration/length, of course without their name as a watermark and you can also have their premium video editor as part of the package that you are going to subscribe to. -[ Click Here ]- to see more details about their premium subscription.

Screen Recorder Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most widely used operating systems produced by the American multinational technology company called Microsoft, and yeah, I’m one of those millions of people using it and for sure, you’re using win10 too so that’s why you’re here.

And obviously you are searching for a screen recorder for your Windows 10 computer or laptop that’s why you are being routed to this page, right? And yeah, I have included this search phrase so that I can have you here on this page 🙂

I have been doing screen video recording fo a number of years already, and the best Windows 10 screen recorder that was introduced to me was the one I have in the above paragraphs. Screencast O Matic is very user friendly and it comes with a free version you can try on before subscribing to their premium subscriptions, just watch the video above.

Screen Recorder Windows 10

Free Screen Recorder Windows 10

If you want to have a great FREE screen recorder for windows 10, the Screencast O Matic free version is the best one for you. You can record your screen for up to 15 minutes (get premium for unlimited) and it is a super easy tool to use that even a nine-year-old kid can do.

The downside with Screencast O Matic free version is that when you published your video it’s going to have their brand name as the water the mark, and yeah you are going to just allowed to record with up to 15 minutes duration. If you need to record unlimited video length then get their affordable premium subscription.

Just watch the video above for more details, or just simply -[ Click Here ]- to open up the download page where you can access Screencast for free.

That’s all I can have for you guys today and Goodluck to whatever you guys are doing…

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