Photoshop Free Download For Windows 10 And 11

Photoshop Free Download For Windows 10 And 11

I was once searching for Adobe Photoshop free download because just like you, I don’t want to pay for a monthly Adobe subscription. I’ve been through a lot of websites and watched several YouTube videos, and even one time my computer got malware from trying to install free Photoshop.

Most of the websites that are ranking on search results that are saying free download Photoshop will just route you to the Adobe official website using their affiliate links and all you can get is a free trial of Photoshop.

Luckily, I bumped into a forum where someone offered me “Adobe Software” for sale, which of course with an unbelievable very low price compared to buying it from the official Adobe website.

Needless to say, I grabbed it and buy all the Adobe Software that he have. As proof that this software is real and 100% working, I’m giving away Photoshop for free, which of course what brings you here.

Here’s How To Download Free Adobe Photoshop

Please note that this “Photoshop Free Download” is not the latest version, but I’ll make sure to update this article once I got the latest version. So make sure to remember and revisit this blog post after some months.

Minimum Computer/Laptop System Requirements

This Photoshop installer is for any laptop or computer that operates on windows 10 or 11, just make sure that your computer at least has 2 GB of RAM. Please see the complete device requirements below:

  • Processor: Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor.
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) versions 1703 (Creators Update) and later.
  • RAM 2 GB or more of RAM (8 GB recommended).
  • Hard disk space: 3.1 GB or more of available hard-disk space for 64-bit installation; additional free space required during installation
  • Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 display (1280×800 recommended) with 16-bit color and 512 MB or more of dedicated VRAM; 2 GB is recommended**
  • Graphics processor acceleration requirements OpenGL 2.0-capable system.

Here’s How To Install Free Download Photoshop

Alright! Here’s how to install Photoshop on your laptop or computer. Please follow these steps to avoid mistakes in the installation process. I will also share other software that you guys might be interested in and the installation process should be the same.

1. Adobe Photoshop Free Download Zip File

The first thing that you need to do is of course download the zip file of the free Photoshop that I will have for you guys today. What you need to do is just [ click here ] to download the free Photoshop zip file, or click the “Download Now” button below.

photoshop free download

Once you click the download button above, you will be routed to a Mega download page and just download the file and install it to your device. You’re welcome.

2. Extract The Downloaded Photoshop Zip File

Second, you need to extract the file using the latest version of WinRar. If you don’t have the latest version of WinRar you can just simply download it here. If you don’t know how to use WinRar, then go ahead and watch this video tutorial.

3. Extract The Downloaded Photoshop Zip File

Once the file is extracted, you can go ahead and start the installation process. The usual self-explanatory process that we do in installing any new apps/software to our computer. After that, you should already have Photoshop that has lifetime access.

Photoshop is one of the essential tools that we have to have especially if we have a business. Personally, I use Photoshop for editing product pictures, creating images for my Facebook ads, and creating YouTube thumbnails. You can even start making money knowing how to do Photoshop, you can offer graphic design services, or work as a Freelancer online. Congrats on getting it free of charge.

Other Software That I Will Have For You Guys For Free

Alright! Just like what I have mentioned above, I also have other software that you guys might be interested in as well. Just check out the download links below and follow the instructions.

I actually paid for some of this software, but lucky for you today I’ll have another one again for free, Filmora X for Windows 10 and 11.

Filmora X For Windows 10 And 11

Filmora X is one of the most popular video editors. Want to have it for free? I got you, my friend! Just [ click here ] to download if you’re using Windows 11, and [ click here ] if you’re using Windows 10.

I also have 6 premium Filmora X effects, just click here to download, and if you’re interested I also have 72 premium sound effects that you can download by clicking here.

Please note that Filmora X for windows 10 will ask you for a password during the installation process, just please use ➡️ tCb)pj3PJT ⬅️ and ➡️ n#,8gXK3y3;^4+Gk ⬅️ for the Premium Effects password.

Just make sure to extract the file using WinRar for you to be able to install this software.

I guess that should be all, let me know in the comments if you still have questions. Please make sure to read all the details above to avoid confusion about the installation process. Thank you, and good luck!

Yhong Lacson
Yhong Lacson

I can help your business establish an optimized internet presence; from building your business websites to marketing your product and services across different digital marketing channels.


Hello po! Thank you po for sharing this free version. I hope you can also share a link for After Effects.

Please use the search feature of this website.


Legit po ba ito? Pls reply ASAP…

Alayacyac, Paolo

Thank you so much to your yt channel
I hope I can also download a free adobe illustrator

Low Fidelity Rice

Hello, I was wondering why both of my downloads lack a setup or “.exe” file to install the photoshop softare, for some reason I can only see a “packages”, “products” and “recources” folders, and because of that I cannot install it completely, if you know how to solve this problem I would be very glad, thank you


steps to install filmora? need ba naka turn off internet?


Thanks you, very helpful po yung mga apps, sana available pa po ung Free premiere pro.

Salamat po sa share sir.

Alphie Solis

Sir ano po password ng photoshop? Thanks po

Wala pong password, extract mo lang yung file.


thanks for these bro,


Kuya Yhong thank youu.! I subscribed to your YT channel ang dami kong natututunan na magagamit ko for my online selling. Baka po meron kang After Effects gusto ko din sana matutunan for my video presentation. Thank you ulit, just finished binge watching your videos waiting for more. 😀

Hello, Marielle! Mag send ka sakin ng email, reply ko don ang download link!


bro, naka purchase na ako but walang ling na lumalabas. ang invoice lang ang lumalabas. pake send ng link bro.

Hello, sir. Paki check sa email nyo po.

Mary Joy

Hello po, di ko rin po sya ma eextract kasi po may bayad pala sa latest version ng WINRAR, kailangan po ba talaga yung latest version? Thanks po.

May free version ang po WinRar, paki double check nalang.

Tonya Dunlop

Thanks SO MUCH!!! I am installing Photoshop the version I have is C6 I bought years ago! & I use Filmora and Needed this updated version thanks so much!

abdu tb12

Filmora X effects the password is incorrect.
please help me and thank you foe photoshop. yuo the first person to give me what i really want so thank yuo ,

Please make sure that you don’t put any space on the password characters!


Does this work on Windows 8.1?

john marty arendain

thank you so much po god bless you more


please premiere pro na plzz….


I just sub on your YT channel and downloaded the Adobe PS. Thanks for that by the way. I also need the Premiere Pro. I hope you can send it on my email? Thanks.






can you provide premier pro free plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏

I will send It to your email.


Hi Bro, Please share with me too the premier pro. Thanks in advance. 🙏🙏

john marty arendain

ako rin po



Thanx sa photoshop.. anyway puede ba hingi ng after effects..

Thank you so much for your effort to make this software easy to Download. you are a life saver in any means necessary. I ‘am grateful to find your video and also like the content.


Hello, I was wondering if you had adobe illustrator by any chance. Thank You.

I don’t have that one at the moment. I will just update this article once I got that one.


bro, just finished downloading PR but may error, maraming error 0x80004005 please help, here thank you

Try mo lang ulitin process bro. Wala dapat yan error kasi nag wowork yan sakin.


oks na bro thanks a lot, nag download nlng ako winrar heheh dun pala input password na provided 🙂

Okay, bro. Good luck!


thanks for these bro, naway dumami pa followers mo 🙂 downloaded ps, currently dl’ing pr, and saw the password.

You’re welcome, Bro. Good luck!


password plz

Please read the details, it should be included in the article above.

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