PDAX VS Coins Pro

PDAX VS Coins Pro

You’re maybe trying to invest in cryptocurrency, or you’re trying to do cryptocurrency trading and bumped into these two cryptocurrency trading platform in the Philippines, which is PDAX and Coins Pro. You’re here because you’re trying to figure out which one should you pick, or which one is better between PDAX vs Coins Pro.

I personally used these platforms, and what I’m going to just do here is share with guys the experience that I have with them and feedback as a client of these two cryptocurrency exchanges, PDAX and Coins Pro.

PDAX and Coins Pro are the two most popular local cryptocurrency exchanges in the Philippines. It’s where we can easily buy and sell (or trade) cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies. But not all cryptocurrencies are listed on their platform, which is for me it’s going to be the first downside if you’re going to consider using them.

I say the downside because there are lots of other cryptocurrencies out there with great potential for long-term investment, like Cardano, Polkadot, and many other cryptocurrencies which are not listed on them.

So if you wish to invest in other cryptocurrencies, it’s not really possible if you’re going to just use PDAX or Coins Pro. But no worries! I will share with you a solution later in this blog post, on how you can access all available cryptocurrencies in the market.

I just wanted to really go through everything that you need to know about Coins Pro and PDAX, because of course! That’s the main reason why you’re being routed this article.

Here’s PDAX vs Coins Pro Detailed Comparison

Here’s the detailed comparison between PDAX and Coins Pro. I will try to explain this as clearly as possible, but of course, if you have questions please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

The table below is a quick comparison between PDAX and Coinspro, but I will go into more detail in the next couple of paragraphs.

In Terms Of PDAXCoins Pro
User Interface BasicBasic
Trading IndicatorBasicBasic
Available Cryptos 7 Cryptocurrencies 5 Cryptocurrencies
Trading Fees 0.5% MO And 0.4% LO0.05% - 0.15%
Min. Cash In200 PHP10 PHP
Min. Cash Out200 PHP 50 PHP

At the moment while I’m writing this article, Coins Pro is still in its private beta. That means you might not able to just sign up for an account, you have to join their waiting list, and hopefully approve you to test out their platform and start trading.

1. User Interface And Trading Indicators

In terms of user interface and trading indicators, PDAX and Coins Pro are pretty much the same. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like seeing lots of moving objects on your trading screen, (like colored candles and graphs) then you can pick either of these two platforms.

But if you’re trying to do trading, you don’t want to just buy and hold cryptocurrencies then you really have to have trading tools or indicators which is not available on these two platforms yet. What I did when I was there trading with PDAX, I used third-party tools like Tradingview.com.

I say when I was there because honestly I’m no longer trading either of these two platforms, which I’m going to also share with you later the one I’m using right now, the one that provides everything that I need.

If you’re curious and wanted to know about it, just scroll down a little bit on the last part of this article, and that’s where you’ll be able to see what is it.😉

2. Available Cryptocurrencies To Trade

As of the moment, while writing this article, PDAX and Coins Pro has just limited numbers available of cryptocurrencies to trade. Which for PDAX, they have 7 cryptocurrencies and 5 cryptocurrencies on Coins Pro. But of course, for sure, they will be adding more soon.

3. PDAX VS Coins Pro Trading Fees

In terms of trading fees, PDAX has a flat rate of 0.5% for market orders, and 0.4% for limit orders. Coins Pro on the other hand has a different way of setting up its trading charges, which is 0.15% if you’re monthly trading volume is just below 250,000.00 pesos, and it goes lower if you will trade more. Please see the picture below for more details.

Coins Pro trading fees
Coins Pro Trading Volume And Corresponding Fees

The picture above indicates Coins Pro trading fees. The larger your trading volume every month, the lower the fees that you’re going to pay every time you trade inside the Coins Pro platform.

4. The Minimum Cash In And Cash Out

Coins Pro has its own eWallet, which is called CoinsPh where you can easily transfer your funds from your wallet to the Coins Pro trading platform, that’s why they have the lowest minimums in terms of cashing in and cash out. It’ll be a minimum of 100 pesos if you’re going to transfer your funds from your Coins Pro trading account straight to your bank account.

While with PDAX, their minimum cash in and cash out is 200 pesos. The good thing is that they have flexible or multiple ways to fund your account, as well as if you’re going to withdraw your money. You can easily use eWallets like GCash or PayMaya, which is now common to most of us Filipinos.

I guess that’s all I can share with you about PDAX and Coins Pro. Now! I mentioned above that I’m no longer using any of these two exchanges, so I just wanted to also grab the opportunity to share the best cryptocurrency exchange, which is the one I’m using right now.

I’m Now Using Binance Exchange…

I’m making an article about PDAX and Coins Pro, but I honestly no longer use any of these two platforms. I’m now using Binance which solves all my problems.

Binance almost has every cryptocurrency available in the market, which is really good because you will be able to have a great number of options for which cryptocurrency you will trade or invest in.

Binance is an established cryptocurrency exchange that started last 2017. It’s one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and number one in terms of trading volume (see the picture below) which means they have the highest number of users who trusted them.

best top trading platform philippines
The picture above shows data from Statista, a website that collects information and statistics.

It’s not that PDAX and Coins Pro are bad (or ugly) that’s why I moved out from them, it’s just that Binance has everything that I need which is for sure, you will need as well. They have a world-class user interface (UI), they have almost every cryptocurrency available in the market, and most of all the trading tools and indicators which is we really need to have in trading.

Of course, these two local Philippines cryptocurrency exchanges (PDAX and Coins Pro) are still growing. In fact, at the moment while I’m writing this article, Coins Pro is still in its beta version, like a soft launch for its platforms that might also become massive one day.

For me! If you’re just getting started with your cryptocurrency journey, choosing Binance is going to be the first right step that you can do. I love Binance so much, and I’m confident to invite you guys to start with Binance.

I have a detailed tutorial about Binance, just click here to open the article where I have the video tutorial. I also have a separate tutorial for mobile users, tap here to open it up.

That’s all I can have for you guys today. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below. God Bless!

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About Binance, how do you cash out your money in the Philippines?

Maraming po’ng ways, almost every mode of payment pwede through P2P feautre inside Binance.

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Hehe, ang hirap intindihin ni Binance para sakin as beginner


Thanks a lot very informative and helped me decide which to choose


ang hirap intindihin ni Binance for beginner

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