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Hey, it’s me your friend “Yhong Lacson”. I’m so glad to have here, and of course today we’re going to talk about best online jobs in the Philippines that is open for students who wanted to earn some extra cash through working part-time online.

I still remember those days when I was also a student like you, trying to figure out a way on how can I make some money while studying. Maybe we’re the same, where our parents cannot give everything that we wanted. Or sometimes can’t even provide the exact amount of money “allowance” that we need for school.

Where I am right now was all started with a question, just like the question you have right now searching for possible online jobs that would suits you as a student. And yes, I’m not going to disappoint you landing on this blog post right here.

Without any so much talking, let’s dive right into it…

Here Are The Best Online Jobs In The Philippines For Students

There are actually lots of ways to earn money online as a student here in the Philippines. All really need is to be creative and being observant, like on social media. I’m not going to give you a bunch of options you can do and give confusion of which one is the right one for you to pick up. I’m only going to give you the best five option that I know and personally tried myself and proven to be effective.

1. Online Paid Surveys

Number one that I would recommend for you guys is through taking surveys online. Maybe you already heard some information about this survey thing, because this option is really popular online among students who wanted to earn some extra money online.

The way you make money is so simple, all you need to do is take surveys, answers some questions and when you’re done, you will get a reward.

In doing paid surveys online, you should always careful with the survey website where you are going to sign up for surveys. Because there are some websites that will not give you money at the end of the day.

Another thing is that it’s not about how many survey sites you have joined with. It’s about the payout rate and the number of surveys they will give you, because the more surveys you take, the more money you can make.

The most trusted survey site that I would recommend for you guys is the site called Panelplace. They have existed for decades and with lots of testimonials about how good they are.

If you want to know everything about them, you can visit their website (through clicking here) and see all the details you need to know about them.

online jobs in the philippines

Just (click here) and then sign up to see the beauty inside Panelplace

2. Online Jobs Ph Website

Online Jobs Ph is a website created for Filipino freelancers. I have included this website as one of the websites where you can make extra income online as a student because it actually is. I mean you can really make money through this website part-time.

This how website works. Business owners both local and international will post a job listing on the website, and you as a job seeker can choose to apply or wait until a job listing that suits you will be listed.

Its actually just like working abroad because your employer is going to be from other counties, usually from western countries.

But how can you make money as a student? If you have skills like writing articles, data entry like on Microsoft excel, or web designing, then you can make money through this website not just extra.

But if you don’t, just don’t worry because you can sign up to them and then just learn from their tutorials inside. They have a kinda like academy inside where they are teaching skills like Facebook Advertising, Building Sales Funnels and many more, and they will teach you for free.

One of the most demand skills in is WordPress related jobs. If you know nothing about it and you wanted to learn, I have a step by step tutorial on how you can do it (just click here) to watch it.

online jobs philippines

To learn everything about (just click here) to open their website.

3. Starting A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is the best move you can do while you are still in school. I have included this option as an online job because managing and growing a YouTube Channel is actually a job. If you want to know how potential is having a YouTube Channel, the just refer to the image I have included below.

make money on YouTube

Yeah I know it’s hard to put yourself on camera or create videos, but there’s no excuse if want to do it, just focus on the possibilities and the huge reward that is waiting for you.

Every skill you need to learn to create videos etc. has all have a free tutorial on YouTube on how you can do it. If your excuse is your camera, were the same. That was also my excuse when I was about to start my own personal YouTube channel. But the fact is, you can actually make videos using your mobile device.

As of now, I have three YouTube channel including my personal channel that I have started a couple of months ago (the other 2 channel is a video viral video compilation channel). If you don’t like showing yourself to the camera then do video compilation, learn the skill of video editing.

YouTube is a long term business, it also takes time to build a YouTube channel. You need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time for you to be able to show advertisements on your videos and start making money through Google AdSense.

4. Becoming A Product Reseller

I’m trying to show you guys here potential ways that you can earn money even if you’re still a student. And as far as I know and have observed, selling products online is actually one of the best options you can do to start making money while in school.

And to prove you that selling online can really make you money, try to join buy and sell Facebook groups and see all those product listings that pop’s out almost every minute. That’s the simple proof that they are making money selling online because if they don’t, then they should stop posting all those bunches of products long ago.

But how can you start selling as a student? where can you get the products to sell? Well, the best thing you can do is try joining buy and sell Facebook groups and just post this line “I want to resell products or I want to be a reseller” and wait for the comments to pile up.

Just then use your common sense and creativity to choose the best offer where you can make a great deal. Or you can also try to join a direct selling company like Avon, Natasha, Tupperware, and many other big known names, just know the limits and the potential risk you might encounter along the way.

5. Network Marketing Business

Last but not least is through joining Network Marketing Business. It’s too good to be true sometime but you can actually make money with them part-time. You maybe heard about Frontrow, NWorld, Lean N’ Green and many other giants network marketing company in the Philippines. If not, then just go search for some information about them.

With network marketing business, there will be a little starting capital you need to get started. (depending on the company where you are going to join with) Usually, all you need to do is buy their product package and right after that, you can then start promoting the business and start making money.

There are many ways you can make money with Network Marketing Business. Like through product direct selling, or inviting your friends to join you in the business and many other company bonuses. It’s the only business model that you can start for just a minimal amount of starting capital but has the potential to make you become a millionaire one day.

online jobs in the philippines

One thing I like the most about network marketing is their training. Training like, Leadership, Self Development Training, and Marketing Skills and most of them are even offered for free.

I’m not going to deny, I actually have a network marketing company that I’m currently connected with right now. And yeah, so far so great.

If your planning to become an entrepreneur one day, then I suggest you to joined network marketing. You know, just to learn entrepreneurship stuff.

And that is all…

I think that’s all I have for you guys today. If you have a question, suggestion, whatsoever just leave it in the comment section below. And, you know I’m trying to make some friends all over the Philippines. And it would be great to have your name on my friend’s list. Just search me on Instagram or Facebook “Yhong Lacson”.

If you’re serious about making money online, like if you have a Laptop. Blogging is one of the best ways you can also try to start with. If you don’t know how to start a blog, I have a complete step by step tutorial on how you can do it (just click here) to watch my tutorial.

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