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How to make money playing mobile legend game? I know I’m not the only one that ends up a question like this after playing mobile legends for a quite long period of time. I have been playing mobile legend game for about a year now, and I was thinking that what if there’s actually a way that I could make money aside from having the entertainment while playing the game.

So I did my research, and finally gathered information about the ways on how to earn money while playing mobile legends bang bang game. And since I have this mini-blog right here, and I know for sure someone out there is also searching about this information, so I decided to make a blog post about it.

Before anything else, just wanna give all a warm welcome to my blog. This is me, of course, your buddy “Yhong Lacson” and I’m glad to have you here.

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How To Earn Money By Playing Mobile Legends

This is how to make money in mobile legends. Based on the research that I have done, you can actually earn money on whatever the games you guys are playing. As long as you know how to build an audience that can be potentially monetized or make money out of it. But since your here searching for the queries about how to earn money playing mobile legend game, the let’s go for it.

1. Grow and Sell Accounts

So first up we have the option of growing and selling your account. If you really enjoy playing mobile legends, why not have multiple accounts and sell them. Lots of new players out there who want a shortcut and just wanna buy a grown account.

You can sell your mobile legends game account [ through this website ], or even sell it to your friends. You can also try to offering your hero extra’s skins to any players you can connect with, and ask your desired amount for it.

2. Record Your Gameplay

Another best way to make money while enjoying playing mobile legends game is by making videos out of your gameplay.

You can record your screen while playing or simply go to your game replay section and record the best gameplay you have played, you can record your screen using tools like DU Screen Recorder, and for video editing & compilation, you can use tools like Kinemaster to edit and cut your videos.

To make money out of your video (Recorded Gameplay), there two most popular platform where you can try uploading your videos. First, we have YouTube.

I have a complete tutorial on how to make money on YouTube just in case you don’t know-how. Basically, you can make money on YouTube by allowing the platform to display advertisement on your videos.

First is you need to create your YouTube Channel. Have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, and then, of course, follow the platform community guidelines. Right after that, you will then need to apply for the YouTube Partnership Program through Google AdSense. And there’s a ton of tutorial on YouTube on how you can do it.

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Second is, we have Facebook AdBreaks. Earn money on Facebook through Ad Breaks. there are tons of tutorial out there on how to do this, just search the term “Facebook Ad Breaks“.

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But to give you some idea about it, on how to start earning on facebook AdBreaks. First is you need a Facebook Page that has at least 10K followers and then upload a video with at least 3 minutes in time duration.

3. Build An Audience And Monetize Live Streams

It’s kinda the same with the option two but this is something that you need some investment, like a camera and microphone to have an awesome live stream set up.

Live streaming is one of the best ways to build a massive fan (audience). And guess what! There are tons of ways you can make money or monetize your audience. one example is through Facebook gaming where you can ask your audience for support and they will subscribe for a monthly payment.

Another is by selling items that your audience might like, you can sell your own merchandise for example or CChrow your audience a product from affiliate networks such as products from Amazon affiliates or from Lazada Affiliates Program for Asian folks like me.

That’s all folks, If you want more money making related stuff you can visit my YouTube Channel and if you have a suggestion or questions just put in the comments down below and I would gladly reply to you back as soon as I can.

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    and by the way, your “how to make money on YouTube” tutorial the video is unavailable if you could give me an updated link that would be great.

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    To monetize videos do I need moonton approval?

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      No, I’m talking about YouTube and Facebook monetization.

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