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Lean N Green Slimming Coffee

Lean N Green Slimming Coffee

Okay, so your here because obviously, you want some details about Lean N Green Slimming Coffee. A trending product for everyone out there who wanted to lose weight. You maybe heard some information about it and you just basically wanted to learn more about the product.

Before anything else, just wanna give you some little information about me the owner of this website. My name is Yhong Lacson, and I’m actually an independent distributor of Lean N Green Trading Corporation, the company that owns the product.

So basically what I’m going to do here, is just share you guys every detail that I have about the product. I have been selling “Lean N Green” products since mid-year of 2018. so I was also able to gather lots of testimonials and customers feedback about the product that I would also share you guys here.

What is Lean N Green Slimming Coffee?

Simply defined as a healthy alternative to your daily coffee. Lean N Green Slimming Coffee is an instant coffee beverage that will speed up your weight loss journey. It provides an energy boost while lowering your appetite. Removing toxins in your digestive tract, and improving your metabolism while converting fat into energy.

Note: This is NOT a substitute for a good diet and exercise. This product is more effective when paired with healthy lifestyle choices.

The fact that this is a healthy weight loss coffee, the most amazing part of this product is that:

  •  It’s All Natural, 100% Organic
  •  Sugar-Free
  •  Halal Certified
  •  FDA Approved

Here’s The LNG Slimming Coffee Benefits

When we’re going to talk about the benefits of any particular product. We always take a look what’s with that product or what is the content or ingredients, whatsoever. So first, let me share you what does Lean N Green Slimming Coffee Has.

Here are the main ingredients of Lean N Green Slimming Coffee:

Lean N Green Slimming Coffee Benefits
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Psyllium Fiber Husk
  • L-Carnitine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Marine Collagen
  • Coffee Arabica
  • Non-Fat Cream
  • Stevia
  • Maltodextrin
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Carrageenan
  • Sucralose
lean n green slimming coffee benefits

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Here are the benefits of the above active ingredients:

  • Green Coffee Bean – Filled with powerful antioxidants, it protects heart health. And it contains chlorogenic acid that helps in converting fat and glucose into energy.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – Considered to be the fat production blocker. It also has a high-level of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which acts as an appetite suppressor. The main function of these ingredients is belly fat reducer.
  • Psyllium Fiber Husk – One of the known ability of Psyllium Fiber husk is eliminating toxins in the digestive tract. It also reduces appetite and prevents constipation.
  • L- Carnitine – It converts fat into energy (Fat Burner)
  • Green Tea – With a high antioxidants capability, it protects brain health (manages stress, anxiety, and depression). It increases the number of calories burned for better digestion, it also lowers blood sugar and promotes heart health.
  • Collagen – It improves hair, nails and prevents sagging skin. It also reduces cellulite and stretches mark and repairs joints.
  • Coffee Arabica – It usually contains 12mg of caffeine per gram of bean. And caffeine is known to have a short term increasing effect on metabolic rate.
  • Stevia – Stevia is packed with antioxidants, it enhanced energy levels. Reduces the risk of diabetes, its a sweetener with zero calories and it controls blood sugar and insulin levels.

I’m just giving you guys the main ingredients and its most highlight function. But actually, there’s a lot more than that the product ingredients can do. Just do some research if you want more details.

The Side Effects Of LNG Slimming Coffee

Unlike most detox teas and coffees, Lean N Green does NOT cause constipation, LBM or palpitations, it’s 100% organic. (FDA Approved)

Some people might still experience some side effects at the beginning. Especially regular coffee drinkers who prefer a strong brewed coffee.

If you’re used to drinking a really strong coffee from like Starbucks or the sugar 3-in-1 instant packs or drink several cups a day. Then it might take a few days to adjust to the lowered caffeine level of Lean N Green.

And as usual, like any other slimming product. Lean n Green slimming coffee is not good for pregnant women.

Lean N’ Green Slimming Coffee Feedback

As I have mentioned above, I have been selling Lean N Green products for about a year now. And so far the majority of my customer’s feedback is really good and it gives me more confidence in selling the products. You can actually search more testimonials on Facebook or even YouTube.

Lean N Green Slimming Coffee Testimonials

You can also submit your testimony or feedback via my email contact@yhonglacson.com or directly beep me on Facebook.

Here’s How To Use Lean N’ Green Slimming Coffee

We highly suggest that before taking the coffee, you should consider to first know your current weights. Some of my customers, they have observed the effect within seven days. Of course, the result will also vary on factors like your lifestyle, etc.

But here’s the instruction on how to properly consume the product…

how to use lean n green slimming coffee

The best time to drink is 30 minutes before breakfast. Followed by 1 to 2 glasses of water 5 minutes after you’ve finished your drink. The purpose is to let Psyllium Fiber husk scatters on your stomach, consumed your stomach space and make you feel like you already have your regular meal.

To make yourself a cup of Lean N Green Coffee. All you need to do is mix one sachet into a cup (150ml) of hot water. You can also enjoy it with hot or shaken with ice to make it into an iced coffee.

To store the coffee, please keep the sachets in a dry area no warmer than 30°C.

The Lean N Green Slimming Coffee Price

The suggested retail price of the product is 270 pesos per box. I’m actually selling the product here on my website and I offer cash on delivery nationwide. The total amount you need to spend if you want to get one box of this coffee is P270.00 + P150.00 = P420.00 in total. Which is the 270 is the SRP price and 150 is for the flat rate of LBC shipping fee.

I think that’s all I Have for you guys today, just click the button below if you want more details and you want to order lean n green slimming coffee.

lean n green slimming coffee price

Yhong Lacson

My Name Is Yhong Lacson, And I Created And Run This Website Right Here. I'm From Cagayan De Oro City, And If Your Living Just Nearby Let Me Know In The Comments Below. We Can Be Friends And Grab Some Coffee Together.

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  1. Hi i want to try this product but upon browsing and looking for product review may nabasa ako na hindi sya fda approved which is sinasabi nio po na fda approved ang lean n green. Pls enlighten me regarding this i really want to know if the product is safe to use before i use it po kasi. Thanks

    1. FDA approved po ang lean n green slimming coffee, tsaka halal

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