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How Youtubers Earn Money In The Philippines

How Youtubers Earn Money In The Philippines

If you’re wondering how Youtubers earn money on Youtube, guess what? You’re not alone. I have been to that question in mind also. But no more questions anymore, because today I’m gonna share you everything on how Youtubers make money particularly here in the Philippines.

Let’s get straight to it…

This Is How YouTubers Earn Money In The Philippines

1. YouTube Partnership Program

I know for sure, you have seen not just one Ad on YouTube while watching videos. An advertisement like skippable ads,10 seconds video ads, and banner ads below the video if you’re using mobile. And the right side of the video if you’re on a computer.

Youtube Partnership Program

So how did they make money Yhong? They make money by letting YouTube display advertisement on their videos. Advertisers pay money to YouTube/Google (Google and YouTube have the same back end in running an advertisement, Google owns YouTube) and then YouTube will give them a revenue share. It’s like revenue sharing between them “YouTubers” and Google Inc.

How Does YouTubers Get Paid?

They get paid through Google Adsense, it’s where they sign up upon applying for the YouTube Partnership program. They will then receive their revenue share through their bank accounts or through western union remittance.

YouTubers Qualification For YouTube Partnership Program

Before their videos can start making money, they need to meet the YouTube Partnership Program requirements. They should have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time (all videos combined)

And also they should not forget to follow the YouTube Partnership Program community guidelines. It all explains (here)

How Much Money They Make?

Based on my research, the income or the YouTubers revenue share will depend on their audience demographics, or what niche they’re up to. As far as I know, they can make more money if they produce content for a niche like banking, financing, stocks, etc. money-related content.

Also the location of their audience. If their audience is from a country like the US, Canada, Western Countries, they are expected to make more money.

But since we’re talking about the Filipino YouTubers, here’s the thing I wanted you to do. So that you can see it yourself how much you’re favorite YouTubers earning.

make money on YouTube

Go to YouTube.com, and get your favorite YouTubers username or channel link ID and paste it in the input box of this website [socialblade.com] and they give you all data of how much they make on Ad revenue share.

2. Brand Deals/Sponsorship

In this money-making option for YouTubers, they need a huge number of subscribers. It’s one the best way of how Youtuber earns money through leveraging their audience or subscribers.

YouTube Brand Deals

This is how it works. Business owners or product owners will pay those (YouTubers) to make a review or video about their product. Or simply share the product to their audience and boom! They make money.

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For example, a Youtuber who creates content about makeups. His/her possible sponsors would be makeup brands. And the amount of money they make on this option will depend on how huge is their audience or subscribers.

3. Affiliate Marketing

The best example of these ways to earn for YouTubers is videos like product reviews. And then they will tell you to buy the product through the link below in the description. Sounds familiar right?

Affiliate Marketing YouTube

Let me explain a little bit deeper. They will earn money by referring a potential customer to a particular product using a unique referral link. The best example for this is a video of a product review from Lazada.

Lazada actually offers an affiliate program where you can promote any product to their store and get a commission every time a successful purchase happens using your unique referral link.

Also, for advanced YouTubers. They also promote digital products from affiliate networks like Clickbank, JVzoo and many among others.

Other than that, they can also sell their own product like merchandise, or a training course. But I didn’t see that for most of the YouTubers here in the Philippines.

I think that’s all I have for you guys today. The main key thing on YouTube to make a ton of money is a massive audience/subscribers.

If you got something you wanted to talk about, just leave it in the comment box below and I’ll make sure to check it out as soon as I can.

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Maraming Salamat, God Bless po sainyu. MABUHAY PILIPINAS

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