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How You Can Invest To Jollibee Food Corporation

How to invest in Jollibee? How to invest in Jollibee stocks? This was also some of my questions after hearing some rumors that it is possible for us regular people to invest in Jollibee Food Corporation.

So just like what I usually do when I heard something, I make research about it. And I assumed that I’am not the only one who have the same question, so I decided to have this article right here for you guys.

I’m going to answer all your possible questions, so just spend some minutes reading this whole thing right here and I will guarantee that you will not be wasting your time, let’s get into it.

Here’s How To Invest In Jollibee Food Corporation

There are two ways on how you can invest to Jollibee Food Corporation. The first one is through franchising their store (if you have millions: 23M to 42M pesos per store). And the second one which is the one that is popular to the masses, is through buying their company shares on the stock market.

I’m not going to get into details about the Jollibee franchising thing, but just in case you need some details about it just -[ Click Here ]- for complete details.

I’m here to explain for the majority of the people who wanted to start investing on Jollibee Food Corporation in a minimal starting amount of investment, and that would be how you can buy shares of Jollibee Food Corporation in the stock market.

Since we’re going to talk about stock market, it would be better to give you some idea on how stock market works. Because some of you might not even know what is stocks and everything, right.?

The video below will explain to you some basic information about the stock market, how it works and some information that you should know about before jumping in.

how to invest in jollibee stocks

The video above is from one of the most known financial educator in the Philippines “Chinkee Tan” All credits belong to him, just using it for educational purposes.

Here Are The Steps On How To Invest On Jollibee Food Corporation Through Buying Company’s Shares On The Stock Market

I know someone who is really good in teaching specifically just about stock market investing in the Philippines. His name is Bo Sanchez it’s from him where I learned most of the ideas that I have about stock market.

You can access his website through -[ Clicking Here ]- and I can assure you that he can walk you through and have everything you need to know getting started investing in the financial market.

What I’m going to just share here is just a summary of the whole process, each basic steps that you need to know.

1. Learn All Necessary Things About Stock Market

As Chinkee Tan’s explained with the video above, even if the stock market investing is of the most reliable way of growing our money it’s also considered to be a riskiest thing to jump in to that’s why most Filipino is not doing it.

To minimize the risk or losing our hard earn money, we need to learn all necessary things to learn before we get started.

One of the most known person in terms of stock market investing is here in the Philippines is “Bo Sanchez” and I would really suggest you to enroll some of his stock market programs before buying your first share on Jollibee.

See more details about “Bo Sanchez” through visiting his website just -[ Click Here ]- for complete details.

2. Find A Reliable Stock Broker Where Jollibee Shares Is Offered

Broker is the company the will bridge you to the stock market. It’s where you create an account and able you to buy Jollibee shares.

One of the most popular and trusted stock broker here in the Philippines is the “COL Financial” you can visit their website through -[ Clicking Here ]- to know more details about them.

3. Fund Your Account And Start Buying Share

After you finally have an account on that particular broker you choose, you now then need to fund your account. It’s a deposit that you can use to buy shares which in our cased here, we want to invest on Jollibee Food Corporation.

In COL financial based on my experienced, you need to have at least five thousands pesos initial deposit. After the process, you can then buy your first batch of Jollibee shares.

4. Add More Money To Your Investment

The more you invest, the more profit you can gain. Instead of just making your money sleep in the bank, use it to buy more shares.

It takes 72 years for you to double up your money in the bank, as what the video mentioned above. While in the stock market, you can double it as fast as just for years if do it correctly.

That’s the four simple steps on how you can invest on Jollibee Food Corporation through buying company shares on the stock market.

Stock market investing is considered to be of one the scariest thing to try, for many. That’s why before trying and start doing it, make sure that you have all necessary learning.

You Need To Learned All Necessary Things To Learn If You Don’t Want To Loss Your Hard Earned Money And Be Successful In The Stock Market.

Learn the beauty of having your money growing in the stock market, let your money work for you.

Everything that you need to learn about how to become successful in stock market investing is on this page —-[ CLICK HERE ]—

If you have questions, clarification, and suggestions. Just leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

God Bless…

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  1. Annaliza Sumayao

    Paano po mag invest sa jollibee?

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    paano po at saang puwede po bumili ng shares?interested po ako.

  3. Paulo Caramay

    pwebe po ba ako bumili ng shares while im here in abroad
    ano ang mga kailangan mga requirements

    1. Bailyn

      puede online lng Nmn eh, cya lng close for application p ang col. mg IMG kau it is also a platform to buy mutual funds.

    2. Zarah Cruzado

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Sir Paulo Caramay. I will learn more about investment.

  4. victor

    sino po pwede ma contact or vcall for information???



    1. Yhong Lacson

      Pwede po kay mag ask din kay BDO, or e search nyo COL financial.

      1. bailyn

        sarado p ang col do have alternative?



  7. Amalia

    Paano po mag invest ang walang credit card? Gusto ko po sanang mag inveat sa Jollibee kahit sa halagang 10k lang po.

  8. Lin

    Can i also buy jolible stcoks directly to jolibbe? For examples i have 1B phph, do i still need to go to a broker and buy the stocks ? i dont think i need to trade 1B phph just to buy stocks of JFC. I should probably be able to go to Joliibe Investor relations department and discuss to them about investing 1B php on their company.

  9. Carolene sarmiento

    How to invest? Im willing to invest today.. help me

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    hi, paano po mag invest sa jollibe, im interested po..pls answer.. thanks

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    Hello, I am interested to learn everything i need to know, interested to investand ans will surely give time for it. Please, i need assistance. Thank you very much.

  13. ching

    I find it so funny that everyone wants to invest in jolibee but forgot to read this article. That’s why almost everyone is asking where and how. well, like all of you i have no idea either but because I’ve watched the video and read everything that is mentioned here, now i understand. no hate.. what im saying is this thing is not easy, we need to read and learn the hard way.

  14. Jifer Ann

    How to invest stock market sa jollibee poh? My mother in law want to invest kac.. salamat

    1. Yhong Lacson

      i have a link of Bo Sanchez website on the article, just click it for complete details.

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    gusto ko po mag invest kay jollibee, paano po bumili ng share of stocks ni jollibee? at pwede bang di ko bantayan araw-araw?

  18. antonia

    Hi Im Antonia Panerio, i am an ofw here in kuwait, I am interested about stock market but less ideas

    1. Yhong Lacson

      Just click the link in above post, link about bo Sanchez, he can guide you all the way through.

      1. Margaret pareja

        Do you need to be a filipino citizen to invest or buy jollibee stocks? Thank yoi

  19. Sherwin Magtoto Reyes

    I am willing to start an investment in Jollibee Foods Corporation. How/Where/Whom to speak with? Please let me know, thanks and more power.

      1. Andy Paguntalan

        Sir..Im very much interested for that..actually I read it first in IMG International that you can invest thru them even as low as 1k. I just want to know if this IMG International is legit compared to the one your referring COL financial?thanks

        1. John T. Antonio

          Iwant also to invest money in jollibee, paano po?

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      1. Christian Rey Requioma

        Hai sir sino pwede kontakin para makapag invest ng pera sa Jollibee… Im interested po kasi… Maraming salamat…

      2. Grace

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