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How To Earn Money As A Student In The Philippines

How To Earn Money As A Student In The Philippines

There are actually a ton of ways you can make money online as a student here in the Philippines. But in today’s blog post, I’m gonna share you guys the really doable stuff or easy ways to get started and make money online as a student.

Let’s get straight to it…

Here Are The Ways On How To Earn Money As A Student In The Philippines

This are the best ways and most doable ways to make money online in the Philippines as a Student.

1. Make Money On YouTube

You may have heard some information about this, how potential is creating videos for YouTube. (See Picture Below) But yes! It takes skills to create videos. But trust me, there’s a lot of money you can make on YouTube.

Me personally, I own three YouTube Channels. My personal channel, and other two video compilation channel. Yes, you can start YouTube without creating your own videos.

make money on YouTube

The good thing about YouTube is you can create content for anything. And there’s no age qualification. The only qualification for YouTube partnership program (monetization) is that you need 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.

If you decide to create and start your own YouTube channel, here’s a quick tip for you. Start with what you have (cell phone camera, cell phone app video editor, etc.) with what you can (just make a video of yourself, or your dog, etc.) and learn from it and grow. It’s not from me, that’s what I heard from the expert.

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If you need a video editor, follow me on Instagram. I have a crack version of Kinemaster App for video editing. (just click here)

2. Make Money On Facebook

Okay, there are actually 5 ways I know on how you can make money on Facebook. But let’s not make this complicated, I will just give you the easy ones.

First is through selling products on Facebook: Yeah selling products, you read it right. I assumed that most of you guys, (students) really don’t like selling. But it’s actually the easiest way to get started and make money online.

make money on Facebook as a student Philippines

The only thing you need to do is join buy and sell Facebook groups, have a product that is easy to sell, and boom! You make money.

But the big question is, Yhong where can I get a product to sell and make money? The easiest way to find a product to sell is by simply posting such this line on buy and sell Facebook groups “Gusto ko maging reseller” and wait for the comment to fill up.

Or beep me up on Instagram (@yhonglacson) and I will assist you. I’m actually a distributor of this particular product, and I can let sell our products and give you a cut of the profit.

Second is through growing a Facebook Page – There are 3 ways I know so far on how you can make money on Facebook Page as long as it has the desired amount of audience. (First is Facebook AdBreaks, Second is Facebook Instant Articles, Third is through selling shout out’s.)

First thing you need to consider before making money on Facebook Pages, is really to grow your audience.

Alright, let’s start with Facebook Ad breaks: You may have a noticed while watching a video on Facebook an “Ad” that shows up automatically. That is the Facebook AdBreaks, (usually 10 seconds video Ad) that’s how Facebook page owners make money on their videos.

Of course, there’s also a qualification like YouTube. In Facebook AdBreaks, you need at least 10,000-page followers and upload a video that at least 3 minutes in duration.
And also be careful if you’re uploading a content that is not made by your own, copyright infringement can lead you to permanently ban on Facebook.

There’s a complete tutorial on how to apply on Facebook AdBreaks, just go to their official website right (here).

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Facebook Instant Articles is a kinda complicated one for beginners, just search tutorials on YouTube if you want to learn more about it. You need a site or blog for this one that you would link up to your Facebook page.

Selling Shout Out, on the other hand, is also the most profitable way you can make money on the Facebook page. But, you need a huge audience for this one to attract potential advertisers to your Facebook page.

3. Join Online Paid Surveys

I don’t like this one but there are actually people I know who are making extra cash out of this option to make money online. The reason I don’t like an online survey is that it’s a time-consuming option.

paid surveys online for students philippines

But in case it’s okay with you, you are kinda patient person. Here’s the list of most trusted online survey site here in the Philippines [Just Click Here]

I think that’s all the basic stuff or the easiest way to get started making money as a student. But in case you have skills like you can write articles for bloggers, or you can build websites. You can also work as a part-time freelancer, Onlinejobs.ph is one of the best sites to do it.

So glad to have you here, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you got something on this blog post. If you do, please leave a comment down below.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel [through clicking here] and follow me on Instagram [just tap here]

God Bless… Mabuhay Pilipinas…

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