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How To Buy STKK Token

How To Buy STKK Token

In this short article, I’m going to share with you how to buy STKK coin/token. There are two ways that I know how to buy STKK coins, and I’m going to share both ways and just select whichever you prefer. I personally owned STKK coins and I’m just going to share with you the process of how I got them.

It’s important that we know the legitimate process on how to get STKK coins because there are a lot of scam websites out there that are selling fake STKK coins. I even see that there’s someone providing liquidity of a fake STKK on PooCoin, so be careful!

I was able to personally have a meeting with the CEO of the STREAKK blockchain, Mr. Suki Chen, and fortunately become one of the pioneer members of the Streakk community. So the process that going to share with you in this article, is the legitimate way of getting an STKK coin.

What Is STKK Token?

STKK is the native token of the Streakk project with a total circulating supply of 100 million (i.e. 100,000,000) tokens. Streakk is a third-generation blockchain that works on a proprietary consensus algorithm that uses Proof of Stake (POS) and Simple Time Protocol (STP). POS requires validators to stake tokens which gives them the right to validate the transactions and in return get rewarded for doing so.

With its advanced node infrastructure INC (Integrated Node Cluster), Streakk (STKK) enables users to earn crypto on 20+ blockchains by simply holding crypto on STREAKK decentralized cryptocurrency wallets without giving custody.

Here’s How To Buy STKK Token

Here’s the legitimate way how to get yourself STKK tokens. Just follow the steps below, and let me know in the comment section below if you still have questions. You can also send me a message through Telegram if you want direct communication with me.

1. Buying STKK Through LBank Exchange

As of the moment, I’m writing this article, the only cryptocurrency exchange where STKK tokens/coins are legitimately available is LBank. LBank is just like Binance where you can buy and sell or trade cryptocurrencies. Below are the steps on how to buy STKK coins through the LBank exchange.

  1. Signup for an account on LBank Exchange.
  2. Buy or deposit a USDT to your LBank Exchange.
  3. Trade USDT/STKK inside your LBank account

2. Buy STKK Straight From STREAKK Website

If you want to be part of the STREAKK community, and earn great rewards for holding STKK tokens, then this second option is the process that you need to do. I will try to explain the process and make it clear for everybody, but if you still have questions you can directly message me on Telegram (@yhonglacson) or just leave a comment below this blog post.

STREAKK has a reward system where they are offering multiple ways to earn if you’re going to buy STKK tokens through this process. They are going to give a 2% weekly passive reward out of your total STKK purchase in a form of an STKK token. Aside from that, you will also earn an additional annual percentage if you’re going to stake any cryptocurrencies inside the STREAKK platform.

In this option, you need to purchase STKK tokens for a minimum of $100 worth of tokens. Below is the process that you need to go through. Please let me know if you have questions, just leave them in the comment section below.

Step 1: Signup For A Streakk Account

[ click here ] – to signup for a free STREAKK account. Please note that this is my sponsored link, and it means you will become part of my team, and I will be oblique to teach you everything about STREAKK like how to earn more money inside the platform.

Step 2: Fund Your Streakk Account

The next step is to fund your Streakk account, and it should be at least $100 worth of USDT. To fund your account, you need to have a USDT which you can buy from exchanges like Binance or other popular cryptocurrency exchanges available in the market.

Then the next step is you just need to login into your Streakk account, then find the button that says “Node Infra”. On the menus, just select “Load eUSD” and click the “Generate Wallet” address button. Please refer to the picture below:

stkk token

Once you get the USDT wallet address, just transfer the USDT from the exchange where you bought it to your streak account using the USDT wallet address you created inside your STREAKK account. Just wait some minutes for the system to process your deposit.

3. Buy STKK Token/Coins

The final step is to buy STKK tokens using the USDT you just deposited to your Streakk account. To do that, just find the “Node Infra” button again, and this time select “Buy Node” on the menus.

Then on the dropdown button, select $100 if you just of course deposited a total of $100 USDT to your Streakk account. Finally, click the “Buy Now” button.

stkk coin

After you purchase a node, the Streakk reward system will be unlocked, and you will have now the chance of earning thousands of dollars or even millions worth of rewards. There are multiple ways how to earn more inside the Streakk platform, but I guess it will make more sense if I will explain it to you through a call or a meeting.

So if you’re planning to get STKK tokens through the Streakk website, or have even already gotten your STKK through this process. Please DM me at @yhonglacson on Instagram or Telegram and I will discuss everything about Streakk via zoom meeting or a call.

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