Home Based Jobs In The Philippines

Home Based Jobs In The Philippines

If your looking for a guide on how you can get started working from the comfort of your home here in the Philippines, this is the guide that you need. I’ll be sharing all the information you need to know about home-based jobs here in the Philippines.

In fact, I have been working from home for about a year already, so what I’m going to do here is basically just share with you about how I get started and how you can do it too.

It’s going to be a long article because I’m going to give all the necessary information that you need to know for you to start working at home. Just read all through it, and I’ll guarantee you will not be wasting your time here.

Why Work From Home?

This is something that is obvious, but I just want to remind you how amazing it is working in the comfort of our home. We might have different reasons but for me, the best thing about having a home-based job is that I could spend more time to my family, and that’s what matters to me the most.

Aside from that, you will be earning more money compared to having a usual job here in our country. Wanna know why? Because usually if you will be working from home, you will get a job from abroad. You will be earning dollars, and spend it to peso, how cool is that? Yeah?

I will explain all of that in this article, from learning all necessary skills to finding your first home-based job.

Home Based Jobs In The Philippines

How To Start A Home Based Jobs In The Philippines?

Here are the things that you need for you to start working from home here in the Philippines. In this part, we are going to talk about the tools that you need, high-income skills that you need working from home, and of course the most important thing, finding your first home-based job.

Tools That You Need For Home Based Job

Okay, so first thing let’s talk about the tools that you need. The majority of working from home job opportunities requires a computer/laptop and an internet connection, so that’s the first thing that you should really have to have.

You need a computer/laptop and internet connection because this guide right here we’ll be teaching you how can you get a job from foreign companies, like businesses from the United States.

So it’s like working abroad and getting paid as much as the level of earning of OFW’s or even more, but you were just going to be there in the comfort of your home. Sounds interesting? let’s go ahead and learn what skills you need to start working from home.

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Learning Working From Home Skills

There are actually lots of types of home-based jobs that you can apply to and start working from home here in the Philippines. From data entry, writing articles, becoming a digital marketer, building websites and many other jobs.

But if you want to really find a good job and earn a decent amount of salary, you need to pick a high-income specific skill that you need to master.

I’m going to just select six high-income specific skills that you can select from and learn it. And the good thing about these skills is that there are lots of free tutorials on YouTube you can watch to learn it.

Aside from that, eventually, if you want to start your own business, you can also use these skills to have a successful business. Here are the skills that I’m talking about:

1. Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the best platforms for business owners to get potential customers. Needless to say, businesses/companies need people/teams to maintain and keep their Facebook marketing running. And good news for us because we can be that person to be part of that team.

I have a friend who is working as a Facebook Advertising manager, he was working with a digital marketing company based in Largo Florida. And he mentioned that he’s earning 40,000 to 50,000 pesos per month working as Facebook Ads manager.

And the good thing about learning Facebook marketing skills is that there’s a lot of free tutorials on YouTube. Just search for “Facebook Ads Tutorial” study for at least one week and if you think you’re ready enough then go ahead and find a job.

Just continue reading because I have a list of websites where you can find a home-based job here in the Philippines.

And by the way, I’m proud to let you know that I learned Facebook Ads from [Manuel Suarez] of AGM Marketing were my friend that I have mentioned above is working.

2. Google Advertising Manager

Google is another great platform for businesses to get customers. And with that, just like Facebook, they need people to do the job for them.

Usually, companies that will hire you if you have Google advertising skills are digital marketing companies, and they really have a good amount of pay.

It takes some time to learn Google advertising because it’s not going to be just how to create an advertisement, you also need to learn data analysis like using Google analytics.

But trust me, if you will learn it, it’s going to be for a lifetime. And you can use it for your own business in the future too, or you can also offer services to local businesses that you know.

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3. Building A Website

Another great skill to learn with high earning salary is learning how to build a website. Let me guess what you are thinking right now? I’m not an IT, and I don’t like to do codding, etc. Yeah?

We’ll, 10 years ago building a website is really only for those who are good at computers. For me, I would compare it building a rocket and going out to space, because just like you I don’t know programing language, coding, whatsoever.

But not today, because you can just easily create a website using drag and drop features.

I personally build this website of mine right here, and how I learned to build a website, is through just watching YouTube videos.

I actually even offer to build a website as one of my services, and I have already built quite a numbers of websites for my clients both local and international.

I’m just using WordPress to build websites, and for eCommerce sites, I also use the eCommerce platform called Shopify.

If you will ask me how much I was making, well, I charge my clients from 150$ to 500$ per project, it depends on the client’s website customization request. More features, means more money you can ask for the client.

And yeah! since we’re talking about a job, I will show you later websites where you can find building websites jobs, WordPress to be specific.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You cannot learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you don’t have or you don’t know how to create a website.

According to Wikipedia, Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic (visitors) by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

This skill is about making clients website or web pages ranks on search engines search results for them to get organic (unpaid) traffic (web visitors) to their website.

This might take you some time to learn but this is a massive and supper in-demand skill if you want to make a huge decent amount of salary working from home.

You should really have to learn first on how to create a website (could be WordPress, Wix or other web software available today) for you to learn Search Engine Optimization.

If you’re being routed to this article from a search result, maybe from Google, that means I have optimized this page through SEO.

You can also just watch videos to learn SEO, or you can also read SEO blogs. One of the people that I would suggest for you to learn SEO is Neil Patel.

5. Writing Articles

Another popular home-based job here in the Philippines is creating content for businesses or writing articles for their blogs.

This is also related to Search Engine Optimization, I mean business needs articles for them to show up on search results and get organic web visitors and they need our help to write content from them.

All you need is, of course, knowledge in writing, and ideas about whatever that particular topic that you will be working with.

This is also one of the most in-demand home-based jobs in the sense that there’s a lot of websites popping out on the internet daily and that means they need content and they need help.

If you have writing skills, you can go ahead now and try to apply on these two websites that I would recommend you to find a writing jobs:

Or you can just simply head over to Google and search for “Writing Jobs”.

6. Transcribing Jobs

Transcribing jobs is another popular home-based job here in the Philippines, in fact, I even found a Facebook group for transcribers that you can also try to join into to get some tips.

So what is transcribing? The easiest way to understand it, is I think by giving you an example scenario.

Let’s just I was having a podcast talking about “high paying home-based jobs in the Philippines”. And I would like to have it also as a blog post, so what I’m going to do is, I will hire transcribers to convert my audio into written words.

Or, I have a video and I want to make a subtitle for it, so I will hire someone to write down whatever I said in the right point of time. Easy right?

If you want to know how much you are going to make as a transcriber, I have two websites that I would recommend you to apply and find transcribing jobs, and that is the Rev.com and GoTranscipt transcribing company.

You can also try to learn and acquire skills like video editing, logo designing, and Photoshop, as your secondary skills. Because entrepreneurs that are maximizing the potential of social media marketing needs our help and we can help them through those skills and get paid.

Alright, and the next part is going to be the websites where you can sign up and find home-based jobs.

 Home Based Online Job Philippines

Finding Your First Home Based Online Job Here In The Philippines

Okay, so now that you already know what skills you need to start working from home here in the Philippines, the next thing is to figure out where you can find a job after learning any of the skills above.

And that’s what we are going to talk about on this part. I’m going to share your websites where you can sign up and find home-based jobs.

It’s not going to be about how many freelancing websites you are going to sign up. Because one of the websites that I’m going to share you has almost complete of any type of work from home jobs you can imagine.

Alright, here the top three websites where you can sign up and get a home-based job here in the Philippines.

1. Onlinejobs.ph

Alright, so the first website is called Onlinejobs.ph. This website as you see the domain .ph, that means this was really made for Filipinos. They will even ask you some questions during your account creation that only Filipinos can answer.

You can find various types of home-based jobs, from data entry, writing articles, video editing, building a WordPress websites and many other interesting jobs.

Just -[ Click Here ]- to access their website, and for complete details about what they can offer for you as a job seeker.

The good thing about OnlineJobs.ph because they also have a kinda like academy inside where you can learn new skills for free.

So if you still figuring out what learning skills you’d like to learn first, just head over to their website and create an account for free.

2. UpWork.com

Upwork.com is another huge website to find a home-based job. They are actually one of the biggest websites where businesses get they outsource employees, but the problem is that it’s a worldwide website so that means there’s a lot of competition.

Of course in everything, there’s a techniques on how to do it. UpWork is a great platform so if your interested, you can also watch tips on YouTube on how to do it the right way.

To see more details, just go to their website through -[ Clicking Here ]-

3. Fiverr.com

I personally used Fiverr.com to showcase my services. This website is actually not like Onlinejobs.ph where you can just easily browse around job listings and apply.

This website is a marketplace where you submit listings (the job that you can do) and let business owners (outsourcers) find and hire you to do a particular job.

Let’s say you know how to build WordPress websites, then you can go ahead and fill out their form to submit your skills or the job that you can do.

Fiverr is again another great place to get a home-based job but keep in mind that so should really good of what skills that you are going to add there.

Because your client can give you feedback that might degrade your credibility as a seller, and they can also easily ask for a refund and the platform will automatically do it if the client is not really satisfied with what you have produced.

You can watch YouTube videos for tutorials on Fiverr, and you can also see more details through -[ Clicking Here ]- to access their website.

4. Other Websites

There are also other websites that you can go ahead and find job listings, just visit below websites and see if they have a job that will suites you.

Just visit that websites so that you’ll see it yourself whatever they got that might interest you.

I think we’re all set here, and if I missed anything or you got questions, just leave it in the comment box below. If you want to talk to me, just DM me on Instagram
-[ @yhonglacson ]- and let’s see if we can work on something together.

Yhong Lacson

I'm from Butuan City, and I have been helping business owners for the last two years (local and international) to set up their business websites, eCommerce stores, and other related services. If you have questions, just head over to my contact page and let's talk about your project 💥

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