10 Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines

10 Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines

It is not uncommon to see Filipino parents try their very best to send their children to school amidst the challenge of poverty. This is mainly because of the idea that only if their children are able to graduate from college and find a job, they will live better lives. For the children, however, this idea brings pressure because it means they are in a position of great responsibility.

In return, the desire of having jobs that would pay them big time is common to everyone. In the Philippines, the unemployment rate for the year 2018 is approximately 2.52 percent and it increased to 5.40 percent in July 2019 and was previously reported to be 5.10 percent for the month of April 2019.

However, on the other hand, there are also lots of jobs that would pay great amount and knowing what these jobs are, is necessary.

Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines

Here Are The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines. Is It The Program That You Are Taking Right Now Is One Of The Listed Jobs Below? Find Out More Now.


10. Statisticians (Php. 41,480.00)

Someone who has a degree in Statistics or Mathematics may work as statisticians. These people are responsible for doing research and analyzing data apply statistical technique to solve business problems.

They assist in planning the collection, processing and presentation of data, prepare detailed estimates of cost for statistical operations, and many other related activities.

9. Production Supervisors and Foremen (Php. 47,101.00)

A graduate of Industrial Engineering may work as Production Supervisors and Foremen. Basically, they are the ones who oversee the production activities in a working site. They work and coordinate with the construction team and the members of the management so as to ensure success.

Production Supervisors

8. Accountants and Auditors (Php. 47,756)

Accountants and auditors are in charge for company’s monthly and quarterly financial calculations. These people usually work with sales and cash flow reports, payroll, balance sheets, budgets, inventory and billing activities. Any graduate of accountancy or management accountancy may work as such.

7. Computer Engineers (Php. 49,335)

Computer engineers are also called software engineers who are responsible in developing, testing, and evaluating the system which make the computers work. They focus on designing software and hardware.

6. System Analysts and Designers (Php. 51,069)

Just like computer programming, anyone having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology are qualified to apply for this job. It requires that someone must be knowledgeable in programming languages, operating systems, and hardware.

System analysts and designers establish new users and managing access levels and passwords, conduct application testing, and provide database management support that fits what the user wants and is able to work with.

Computer Programmer

5. Computer Programmers (Php. 52,331)

Computer programmers are one of the most in demand in the Philippines today as new technology emerges. Basically, computer programmers write, modify, and debug computer software. Any graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology are qualified to have this job.

4. Actuaries (Php. 60,447)

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and mathematics may work as actuary analyst. Actuarian use data to study financial impact of future events and measure risk for a company or organization,

such as insurance company or financial services business. Their job includes reviewing accuracy of data and calculations, reporting and interpreting data, and analyzing risk evaluation data using appropriate models and statistical methods.

Civil Engineers

3. Civil Engineers (Php. 68,957)

Civil engineers are the ones who design, plan, and/or manage various infrastructure projects such as buildings, bridges, dams, railroads, and power plants, among others. Their tasks involve drawing design details, performing basic design analysis of project elements, preparing briefing sheets describing technical problems and their solutions

2. Securities and Finance Dealers and Brokers (Php. 89,831)

People who work under this job category are the ones who buy and sell stocks, securities, bonds and financial instruments, and handle financial market transactions on behalf of their own company or for their customers.

This job requires a bachelor’s degree in finance, management, and/or business administration. Tasks involve includes analyzing market trends, recording and transmitting buy and sell orders, and participating in the negotiation of terms and placement of stocks and bonds to raise capital for customers.

Aircraft Pilots

1. Aircraft Pilots, Navigators and Flight Engineers (Php. 116,714)

Workers under the aviation industry are considered to be the highest paid individuals in the country. Someone having a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics, aeronautical engineering, air transportation, aircraft maintenance technology or other related fields are qualified to become a licensed pilot and apply for this job.

Basically, this job involves tasks such as flying and navigating aircraft, preparing and submitting flight plan, controlling the operation of the mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment.

By looking the above list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the Philippines, one can say that people who belong to these groups are lucky to have high income. However, the future is not promised. While we look at this list in awe and ask ourselves why we did not end up working as such, let us always remember that everyone is given the chance to succeed to matter how humble the beginning is.

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