Earn Money Online In The Philippines Without Investment

Earn Money Online In The Philippines Without Investment

In this blog post, I’m going to share you guy’s on how you can earn money online in the Philippines without investment.

You might just getting started and still on the process of learning on how you can make money on the internet. That’s why you are finding some ways on how to make some money online for free.

You maybe someone who wanted to start earning money online, but doesn’t have any budget yet for starting capital. Or your just a student who wanted to make some extra money while studying.

This blog post is for you…

My Personal Testimony Of Making Money Online

As the internet industry rises up, it also opens a lot of opportunities to make a living online. All that really takes is to learn some necessary skills on how to do it.

And the good thing about acquiring skills nowadays is that, it’s far easy compared to what we have twenty years ago.

Me personally, I learned how to create a website through just watching YouTube videos. I also learned skills in marketing, like social media advertising, search engine optimization, and other skills that is really essential if you want to do internet stuff.

I’m just sharing you guy’s about it because, I remember when I first get started online. I also use the same line “how to earn money online in the Philippines without Investment” searching on google.

Time passed and I now running my own mini blog, which is if you’re are reading here, then that means I’m making money.

All that really matters is that, you must first consider your passion. The things that you really want, and after you discovered it, then master the skills you need to shoot for the stars.

I don’t have any college degree whatsoever, but since this is my passion, so I did my best to learned stuff that I need in doing my passion.

Have a dream, and have a plan for it. Because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Alright, so let’s dive right into our topic today which is making money online without investment.

If you have questions, suggestions, just leave it in the comment box at the bottom if this page.

Here’s How To Earn Money Online In The Philippines Without Investment

These are the ways that I know on how to earn money online in the Philippines without investment. I tried almost every of the options below personally, so just read each options description for the guide.

Of course, all of these options below will require you to have internet connection, that’s the first qualifications.

1. Earn Money Online In The Philippines Through Paid Survey Websites

You might have heard about this survey thing, and they’re actually real. You can really make money through taking surveys online.

paid online survey philippines

Honestly, online paid surveys is where I first made my first income online. I made about 200 pesos at the end of the month, and yes it’s a tiny amount because I was just doing it on my spare time.

You can register for free, of course we’re talking here about something that doesn’t require any investment.

What you need to do is just search “Online Paid Survey’s On Google” and before signing up make sure to do some background check of that website like reading some reviews about it.

—[ Click Here ]— for my suggested survey website where you can sign up and start taking surveys.

2. Earn Money Using Smartphone In The Philippines Through Money Making Apps

If all you have is just a mobile phone, then you can also try this option. Try to install money making apps on your device.

You will get paid by trying new application, viewing an advertisement and other task like surveys, etc. You can also earn through referring your friends.

There’s actually lot’s of money application on Google play or apps store, just search for them and before signing up make sure to make some background check reading some reviews about it.

And also, the good thing is that, you can do both the surveying and money making apps at the same time. So just make sure that you’re signing up to a legitimate website or app.

3. Make Money On Facebook As A Product Re Seller Selling Other Person’s Products

For sure, you’ve noticed buy and sell groups on Facebook, right.?

Do you know that not all of them who are selling items on Facebook groups have their items on hand. Have you notice like a product description with “Pre Order” included.?

That’s right, you can make money selling items on Facebook without an starting capital. All you really have to do is to become creative, and be good in negotiating.

make money on facebook

I tried this my self, I have found an online supplier on Facebook and she allow me to sell their items through drop shipping.

Drop shipping means, I just posted the item pictures on Facebook and if someone buys it, they are going to send the payment directly to me and then I will pay my supplier, then my supplier shipped the item to my customer, and I made my cut on the process.

There’s a lot of product supplier on Facebook that will allow you to do this way of selling. Just try to search for them, or even just try to post on Facebook groups that you want to become a re seller.

Facebook has also a marketplace, where you can leverage and make a lots of sale. Just search on YouTube for specific tutorials about it.

4. Apply For Online Freelancing Jobs Available In The Philippines

This is for someone who have a personal computer or a laptop.

If you have skills like doing Photoshop, or you can write articles, data entry like Excel, then you can also try this one. There’s a lot of business owners especially from the US that they outsource their employees to get things done for them.

Good news is that you can actually make a decent amount of money on this option, and yes you don’t have to spend money to get started. (Assuming that you already have computer or a laptop)

One of the most known website here in the Philippines to find a job online and just work from home is Onlinejobs Ph. You can access their website through —[ Clicking Here ]—

If you don’t have any skills yet, just create your account on that website so that you’ll be able to access potential jobs and just learn how to do it.

They also have a kinda like academy inside where they are going to teach you skills. You can make from 25K to 50K pesos per month it depends on your skills.

Just make sure that you have a computer or a laptop and reliable source internet connection.

5. Launch Your Own YouTube Channel And Start Creating Videos

Creating videos for YouTube is one of the best way to make a living online. And just a proof, see the top ten YouTubers this year through —[ Clicking Here ]— and see their jaw dropping income from YouTube.

make money on YouTube

I included this as one of the options to earn money online for free, because I know everybody can do this. You can start making videos using just your phone which means it doesn’t cost you anything to get started.

See my video below, I was practicing to make a video vlog. hahaha and this is my first ever video creating a vlog.

YouTube is one of the most potential ways to earn money online, it’s a huge industry. And if you don’t have the confident and skills yet to make your own videos, then try to study how to do it. Everything can be learn if you want it.

If you don’t have any idea about how YouTube works and how you can make money with it, I have a little article explaining about it. Just —[ Click Here ]— to access that article.

Tips And Tricks Making Money Online Philippines

A Quick Tip Before You Leave On This Page

Do you know that I made ten thousand to twenty five thousand pesos or even more every time I created a website for someone. It’s one of the services that I have personally offered here.

And the good news is that, it only takes me an hour to make a website up and running. And right after that you’ll just then need to arrange the content for the client’s website.

And just to let you know, I don’t have any IT background, college degree, etc. I did just learned all website stuff through watching YouTube videos.

My tips is, be hungry to acquire high paying skills. You can learn anything by just watching YouTube videos, and if you have some amount to invest to some online courses, then do it.

Some of the high paying skills that I know is “Social Media Marketing” like Facebook Ads, “Search Engine Optimization“, “Graphics Designing” and of course “Web Development” and you can learn them all through YouTube videos.

Yeah, I think that’s all I have for you today…

If you have questions, or suggestions, just leave it in the comment section below and let’s have a conversation about it.

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