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Best Business Ideas In The Philippines

I have been working with several types of industries and businesses. From being a real estate consultant, and then become a licensed financial advisor and then today, at this very moment of my life I consider myself as a digital entrepreneur.

My point is, I have seen and observed many types of businesses that’s why I’m here and confident to share with you guys the best business in the Philippines or let just say the most proven and promising business models you can get an idea from.

Of course, this is just a suggestion based on what I know. You can always decide what’s best for your skills and suit’s up you starting capital for your business. Maybe you’re an OFW and at some point, you realized that you cannot work for your entire lifetime, that’s why you’re here trying to figure out what you can do for your retirement, this blog post is for you.

If you’re an employee, I would highly suggest that you get yourself a Variable Unit Link (VUL) Life Insurance. It’s an insurance that comes with an investment that is really meant for your retirement and emergencies. But since this blog post is about the best businesses in the Philippines, then let’s just dive right into it.

Here Are The Five Best Business In The Philippines

There are actually tons of business ideas in the Philippines, especially these modern days. But of course, we always consider our budget (starting capital) or our knowledge about that particular business. In today’s blog post, I will just share you the five business model that I think the best and the models that I have knowledge about.

My goal here is just to give you some brief ideas about each of these five options (business models). If you like one of these, then just do more research about the model. So here it is, the five best business in the Philippines.

1. eCommerce Business

Okay, so the first business model I have for you guys is eCommerce. This is actually the most promising and most interesting business model in the Philippines today, that’s why I made it the number one of these five lists.

According to Starista, eCommerce industry in the Philippines is projected to be 1.4B US Dollars in revenue by 2023, and this 2019 alone it’s already gained $953m in revenue.

Watch the video below. I did explain everything about it, on how you can get involved in this huge eCommerce industry in the Philippines.

Just (Click Here) after watching the video to open Lazada’s Seller Sign Up Page

2. Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business is a huge industry, it encompasses the many facets of property, including development, appraisal, marketing, selling, leasing, and management of commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural properties. This is the type of business that the second richest man in the Philippines “Manny Villar” is doing. Camella Homes, Vista Land, you heard them right?

If you have a ton of money, like millions, real estate is one of the best business you can hop into. It’s a long term business, a business that can be with you on your entire life that you can also pass on to your children.

Watch the video below, from Real Estate expert, Robert Kiyosaki.

But how about if you are just an employee who doesn’t have millions of money? Like OFW? You can still acquire properties like a house using your paycheck. Banks are actually open for employees who want to borrow money from them. And also if you are a PAG IBIG member, you can easily make house loan with them.

But how can it be a business? Well, from there when you finally acquire the unit, you can have it as a listing for rent, and then use the money that you get from the renter to pay back the loan you have in the bank.

And since you already have a property title in your hand, you can then acquire another property using another bank loan, but this time you no longer need to borrow money from the bank using your paycheck. Use the property title you got as loan collateral. This is how to rob a bank legally, use their money to acquire more properties.

You can also turn your unit as a transient house for rent, submit to Airbnb and make a great amount of money.

Or build apartments, hire someone, like a caretaker, and then earn a passive income, real estate business.

3. Franchising Business

Franchising business is defined as continuing relationship in which a franchisor provides a licensed privilege to the franchisee to do business and offers assistance in organizing, training, merchandising, marketing and managing in return for a monetary consideration.

If you don’t like creating/organizing your own business, then franchising business is the best one for you. All system is ready, from product to the marketing system. I assumed that for most people, they already have an idea in this type of business model.

The amount or the starting capital you need to franchise business will depend on how huge or what type of business you are going to franchise. If you’re going to franchise a business-like “Jollibee”, you need a starting capital from P23 million to P42 million per store.

food cart business

But of course, you can also just start with a small franchise business. Like a food cart business, Lechon manok franchise, etc.

I actually know someone who offers food cart franchising, and they even have a food cart with a price below 20,000 pesos. If you’re interested, just hit using my contact page above.

4. Online Business

One of the best businesses in the Philippines that I know in these modern days is an online business. We are transforming into more online, I mean the internet industry in the Philippines is rapidly increasing every year that simply indicates that the internet industry is the next big thing in the Philippines.

business in the philippines

But how you can participate, get involved and start an online business? Well lucky for you I also have a blog post sharing all possible online businesses you can start in the Philippines. Just (Click Here) to open it.

You can also check this blog post, eCommerce Business in The Philippines.

5. Stock Market Investing

Business means profit, I have included stock market investing in this list because you can actually make a great amount of profit with stock market investing. If you plan to have a long term investment, like for your retirement, then the stock market is one of the best options you can jump into.

stock market investing

But of course, your right. Stock market investing is one of the riskiest baskets to put your money on. To lessen and minimize the risk, you should first consider educating yourself about the stock market.

One of the richest person in the world “Warren Buffet”, he made his riches with stock market investing. All really need is to educate yourself, this is actually my next big project so I think I’ll be posting more blog post about stock market soon.

But in case you really don’t have time to take some online courses about the stock market, then you can simply get yourself a Variable Unit Link (VUL) Life Insurance. It’s life insurance that comes with an investment to the stock market. And the good thing about it, there will be a fund manager that work’s on your behalf managing your investment in the market.

That’s all I have for you guys in this blog post, I hope you get something. If have a question or a suggestion, just please leave it the comment box below. Have a great day…

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