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ASJ Forex Global Review – Real Or Fake?

ASJ Forex Global Review – Real Or Fake?

I personally have an account with ASJ Forex Global, and at this very moment, I have more than a $4,000 balance on my ASJ account. What I’m going to share with you in this quick blog post is my personal feedback or review of ASJ Forex Global.

If you want proof that I have an account with them, you can watch the video below. Just stay for a few minutes in the video and you’ll see my account live.

This blog post is an update from the last blog post that I have where I even asked people to join ASJ Forex Global. Make sure to read this whole entire post and I will tell you everything about ASJ Forex Global.

ASJ Forex Global Review

ASJ Forex Global is a scam broker! I have mentioned above that I have more than $4000 in my ASJ account, and they’re not allowing me to withdraw my funds. What they did is they promised that they will release my money on a staggered monthly basis with a very little percentage out of my account balance. If they are a legitimate broker they should not do it like this.

They claim to be regulated, whatsoever, and all of those claims are just lies. So if you’re just about to fund your ASJ account with your hard-earned money, please… please… don’t do it.

The reason why I joined and start trading with ASJ Forex Global is because of my friends who are previously receiving payouts from ASJ Forex Global. But now, we have the same problem, we’re not able to withdraw our money from ASJ. So please don’t do it.

The Good Thing About ASJ Forex Global

The good thing about ASJ Forex Global is they will provide good forex trading signals daily. Then all you have to do is wait for the time as they have instructed and start trading. It is a good thing because we’re trading in one the same decentralized forex market and that means we can use their signals and trade it using legitimate brokers like

So here’s what you can do instead: Signup for an account with a legitimate forex broker (I would suggest you use XM, they have been operating for decades) and then, just get forex trading signals on ASJ Telegram Channel and place your trade using XM.

Here are the complete steps that you need to do:

  1. Signup For An XM Account – you can get a free $30 as your signup bonus.
  2. Verify Your Account – submit your proof of identity and proof of residency.
  3. Fund Your XM Account – the minimum deposit of XM is $20
  4. Download Metatrader – use metatrader 5 or download the XM mobile app.
  5. Join Forex Channels – join forex trading channels to get signals on what to trade.
  6. Place Your Trade – place your trade using XM forex broker.

XM is one of the best Forex tradings in the world, you can read more details about them if you want to really make sure that this is the right Forex broker for you.

Newly Launch Scam Broker Like ASJ Forex Global

I have to also share this with you guys. I was added to a new Channel on Telegram called Bullet Global Investment or Bullet Forex Trading Global, and this scam company is using the same system as what ASJ Forex Global is using. The same interface and the way of earning, with the same promises.

Bullet Global Investment

Please don’t fall for this scam. Join a legitimate broker and just get forex signals from them but trade it with a legitimate forex broker. If you want to check their Telegram Channel you can access it here.

For Those People Who Have Money Stucked On ASJ

For those of you who have money stuck on ASJ Forex Global, just move on. Signup on XM and continue forex trading using their provided signals. But if you have invested your life savings or a huge amount of money, you can try to report ASJ to the authorities.

If you’re from the Philippines, you can report and ask our government to trace individuals on the screenshot below: For sure they can tell us who’s really behind ASJ Forex Global. Below individuals are the people who received our deposit using bank transfer, they received it using their Union Bank accounts.

Add me on Telegram @yhonglacson if you still have specific questions about XM. Please don’t ask me about ASJ, I have already shared everything I know about them right here in this blog post.

Yhong Lacson
Yhong Lacson

I'm a digital nomad from the Philippines. I run a small agency where I offer website development (Shopify & WordPress) services. I also do forex trading on the side, so you might see me sharing content about forex trading and such.

Mary Ann sison

Can you tell me who are the people involved in this scam in the Phil by ASKFX global? I was a victim of them


This July can you withdraw your money from ASJ?

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