Just a typical dude here, trying to do the other way around from the known ways of the majority. My given name is actually “Ulysses Lacson” but I preferred to just use my nickname, “Yhong” ​because it’s easy to remember and is a brandable name.

I was born and raised in a remote area in Butuan City called Barangay Sumile. It’s a barangay that is about 23 miles away from the city proper. When I was a kid, we rarely see cars running around or policemen in uniforms in our neighborhood.

My parents are some of those less fortunate parents out there who always have a hard time sending their kids to college. However, my elder brother managed to make it to college and finished his business program who also ignited my interest to do the same, self-supporting thing.

I started my college education last 2013 at Mindanao State University (Marawi City). I was studying and working at the same time as a student assistant. I made some friends and learned lots of life lessons there.

However, Mindanao State University is far from home, like 170 miles away from Butuan City. So my parents decided to transfer me to the nearest University (Caraga State University) after my elder brother graduated. I studied there with most of my childhood friends and cousins, which also somehow helped me go through the life of being a student.

But guess what happened next? I dropped out of college when I was in my 3rd year and joined my brother with his venture. My elder brother started a networking company (MLM), and it’s my “Kuya” whom I trusted almost in everything, so I joined him.

The networking industry is where I learned most of the real stuff that I need in real life, which my school failed to teach me. It’s where I learned how to set goals in life, learned how to handle teams, and most of all, it’s where I learned to do business and become passionate about it.

We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs with my Kuya. Unfortunately, the company was not able to take off due to a lack of starting capital to expand, so some years later my brother decided to just give up the company. From there, I also started to search for another opportunity to make money, and that’s where I started my internet business journey.

I taught myself how to build a website and went through a whole lot of trials and errors. I also tried to do multiple business models like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, freelancing, and many other businesses out there that have “ing” in them. 😂

Fast forward to today! I’m now happy with what I’m doing. I settled to just do blogging and affiliate marketing. I also run a small YouTube Channel with 8,000 subscribers and growing, and I do some cryptocurrency investing and trading as well.

I’m just sharing with you guys my story just to remind you that we really have to go through a process in life, and we have to make the best out of it. (Also, to have something here in my about page section.) 😂

No matter where you are and who you are, just learn to grow where you’re being planted. Bill Gates says, “If we’re born poor it’s not our mistake, but if we die poor, it’s our mistake”. So we have to work our butts off!

I’m not really good at writing. I was an agriculture student before and was just using tractors most of the time. 😂 But I’m hoping that I was able to make some sense here.

Thank you so much, guys! I’m happy to have you here.

You can send me a “Hi!” by clicking here or searching my name on Instagram @yhonglacson. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you’re interested in making money-related videos.

You take care, and stay safe!