Yhong Lacson

It’s me your buddy Yhong Lacson, thank you for having the interest to know more about who I am the owner of this website.

Yeah, my name is Yhong Lacson an internet entrepreneur (wanna be) and I’m from Butuan City, Mindanao (Let me know if you’re just closeby)

Teaching is one of my greatest passion and that’s how I decided to have this website right here as my medium to share information that I wanted to share. I’m more into internet stuff, like blogging, Search Engine Optimization, internet business, and many other things related to the internet that I’m passionate about.

And for all of you guys that don’t know, I actually have a regular job. I’m working as a customer service representative as of the moment and I’m still working on how I can do my internet business fulltime.

If you wanted to know more about who I am, you can check my YouTube channel through -[ Clicking Here ]- or you can also connect me through Instagram at @yhonglacson